Former FTX executive Ryan Salame and US prosecutors are discussing a plea deal

Former FTX executive Ryan Salame and US prosecutors are discussing a plea deal

Ryan SalameI am the former Co-CEO of FTX Digital Markets, He appears to be discussing pleading guilty with US authorities.

According to an August 8 Bloomberg article, Salame’s defense attorneys could file a guilty plea as early as September, ahead of the criminal trial of former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, which is set to begin October 2. Prosecutors are probing Salame for possible violations US campaign finance laws Regarding the Congress candidature of michelle bondhis fiancee, for whom both would have exceeded the federal limit on contributions.

It is unclear whether Salame can be a witness in the Bankman-Fried trials. One with seven counts to begin in October 2023 and the other with five counts to begin in March 2024. FTX Digital Markets was a subsidiary of the crypto exchange in the Bahamas from where Salame informed the authorities about the alleged fraud by FTX and Bankman-Fried.

Ryan Salame told Bahamian regulators that FTX was moving clients’ assets to Alameda. This is the first confirmed case of an FTX executive assisting the authorities.

— Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph) 15 December 2022

Bankman-Fried plead not guilty to all 12 charges which he is facing. opposite of this, Caroline EllisonFormer CEO of Alameda Research, E. Gary Wangco-founder of FTX, Pleaded guilty to fraud in December 2022, Ellison is expected to testify in the Bankman-Fried trial that begins in October, despite the fact that he was targeted over a recent New York Times article exposing personal details of his relationship with the former CEO. Was.

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