Goodbye cash: ATMs are disappearing in Italy

Goodbye cash: ATMs are disappearing in Italy

The transition from cash to digital currency continues. A year after the last “alarm”, the continuation of S. is recordedATM division by Italian cities, A situation that continues to grow almost unstoppably, causing inconvenience to both Italian citizens and tourists.

Make it clear that the reduction in physical withdrawal points did not start in the summer of 2022, rather the opposite. However, the process has accelerated in the last two years, destroying thousands of ATMs in both small and large cities. A A condition that will take more root in the South in 2022 than answer. Let us see what are the figures for 2023.

What happens to ATM?

As mentioned, ATM removal process is nothing newfar from it. This is highlighted by underlying statistics, which refer to the availability of branches in the Italian region decreased by 12% from 2012 to 2022,

This means there are 5,210 fewer ATMs available for citizens and tourists. However, the figures related to bank branches are even bigger, whose attendance declined by 36.16%. Also in this case numbers rather than figures help to have a clear idea of ​​the change that is about to happen. We had 34,036 bank branches available in 2010, which has increased to 24,321 in 2020.

It’s here Data provided by the Bank of Italy With respect to ATMs operating in the area:

  • 2012: 36.147;
  • 2013: 35.671;
  • 2014: 34.128;
  • 2015: 35.221;
  • 2016: 33.562;
  • 2017: 33.210;
  • 2018: 32.804;
  • 2019: 31.807;
  • 2020: 31.499;
  • 2021: 30.221;
  • 2022: 29.611.

a process clearly associated with Generalized Diffusion of Digital Services, Think of the drastic drop in transactions done at physical bank branches. Almost everything can be done through the appIncluding applying for loans. A few clicks and uploading documents from a smartphone, tablet or notebook.

This includes necessary measures to facilitate payments through POS, even for negligible amounts. All this to facilitate tax audit of customers and traders and to make life easier especially for the new generations. Do you really need an ATM? Not the same numbers as before but, it seems clear that an action plan studied by Georgia Meloni’s government will be necessary. Leaving everything in the hands of the financial calculations of individual banks can create serious difficulties for citizens. Just imagine how they are already in 2022 More than 2800 Italian municipalities are completely without ATMs,

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The process of uprooting ATMs continues unabated. According to data provided by FABI, or the Autonomous Federation of Italian Bankers, there will be more than 4 million people in Italy who will not have direct access to a bank, just firing in more than 3 thousand municipalities.

Fully digital banks are now commonplace, with obvious appeal among Millennials and Gen Z Shutting down 63 ING automated tills from July In the Italian region, the number of branches was reduced from 30 to 23. as well as, Deutsche Bank has decided to reduce the number of branches by the end of 2023Action to close 150 branches.

The trend of worst-affected southern Italy has been confirmed 10.7% of total citizens are denied access to branches in your municipality. In the north this percentage drops to 6%, while in the center it drops to 3.2%.