In Italy, emergency room "for the rich": paid assistance

In Italy, emergency room “for the rich”: paid assistance

Suddenly First aid becomes an income opportunity Very interesting for personal healthcare. The world of aid is changing rapidly in Italy, with Lombardy leading the way in this sense. A situation that is giving rise to many controversies, promoting discussion on what is already defined.first aid for the rich, We explain below how this works.

how to skip the line

In Lombardy We have been working for years to develop and grow the private health sector. A development that has yielded astonishing results has opened up borders that should have been kept tightly closed to some.

is a matter ofdirect access clinicwhich is nothing else in the harsh and concrete reality of a paid emergency room, which provides Preemptive services for anyone with financial ability To pay the balance of the requested amount.

In Lombardy the private sector has seen a very attractive opportunity to take advantage of the persistent weakness of public health. There is a paucity of resources, particularly on the emergency medical front, leading to a marked reduction in the amount of services offered to citizens.

Thus the entrepreneurial mindset has given rise to the use of the Direct Access Clinic, which operates within Healthcare Structures of the San Donato Groupwhich are recognized by the Lombardy region.

a rapidly expanding process that began Milano, with the Galliazzi-Sant’Ambrogio and the San Donato Polyclinic. moved to the next Brescia, from the experiment that overwhelmed S. Anna. Now it is the turn of the San Marco Polyclinic of Zingonia bergamo,

Paid first aid: how it works

The world of Italian healthcare takes a step towards the American system. In fact, we have chosen to generate a One of the first aid A, quick and efficient, and series BIt is characterized by long waits, chaos, postponements and deep-rooted popular anger.

To access the first type, you have to pay amount of 149 euros, likely to be or, perhaps, given the particular circumstances, not being able to afford the luxury of waiting. Guaranteed access to medical visits, treatments and a variety of tests at very short notice. Goodbye reservations and queues. The fee paid allows you to ignore the bureaucracy aimed at others.

Needless to say, as they specify on the website of the San Donato Group, a payment fee of 149 Euros It does not represent an exemption from payment of the requisite amount for clinical trials First and second level as well as instrumental, indicated by a specialist after a tour. This sum is approximately equal to “skip row” only, and a little more.

Urgent services are not included in the use of direct access outpatient clinics. This new part of the private world in public concerns, for now, only white and green codes. Therefore, wait for your turn only if you cannot afford the option of paying for your access at the expense of other patients from Monday to Friday and from 7.30 to 18.00. Keep in mind, they are not denial of services. They will only be forced to wait out the time of public health without the means and personnel, while watching Class A citizens go elsewhere.





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