Interest in Shiba Inu (SHIB) futures grows

Interest in Shiba Inu (SHIB) futures grows

Binance Shiba Inu (Shiva) Futures transactions exceeded $100 million.

Although there is a quiet period in the crypto money market, Memecoins has bullish prospects. FLOKI and SHIB are spending the day with gains of over 5 percent each. if bitcoin 29 thousand bands fighting a tough battle. Amidst all these processes, a new data surfaced from SHIB. coinglass’a According to, Shiva futures interest With $101 million, it saw its highest level since February 5.

SHIB is on the rise; There is money in futures trading!

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According to CoinGlass data, there has been an increase in money flows into SHIB futures. SHIB futures on Binance reached $101 million. Futures entries, which have reached the highest level since February 5, are linked to a rise in SHIB price.

ShivaWith an increase of almost 10 percent on that day. $0.00001093 spends at the level. The popular Memecoin project has attracted a lot of attention.

SHIB’s market cap has soared 32 percent due to sentiment that the upcoming Layer 2 launch will propel the crypto project forward. Shiva, $6.58 million Received market value.

The increase in market capitalization and extreme interest in futures indicate that new money is entering SHIB. Coinglass noted that the increased inflows into SHIB futures occur at temporary BTC price peaks.

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