Italians are on holiday and homes are at risk of burglary: how much does it cost to protect yourself

Italians are on holiday and homes are at risk of burglary: how much does it cost to protect yourself

Going on a holiday is an opportunity to take some time off, relax and discover new places or perhaps rediscover a place close to your heart. However, at the same time, it represents a risk to one’s own homes.

The threat of home burglary is especially real in the summer, given the fact that cities empty out in August. This is the ideal time for thieves in the house. For example, unlike the Christmas holidays, there is actual mass displacement.

CNA Installation Plant has tried to take stock of the situation on this disastrous incident. What emerges is a worrying statistic One in three households are not prepared for the risk of burglary,

Homes are not safe in Italy

The biggest fear of Italians is meeting a thief. Whether it is theft committed in our absence or actual robberies committed in the presence of the owners, often the house is not adequately furnished,

Faced with this guilt, we still prefer to close everything possible and remove our valuables, opt for a safety deposit box or worse, take everything with us or hand it over to friends. Are. In addition, you can count on the watchful eye of a neighbor, like a kind of comic vigilante.

All this is worrisome in the face of the data provided by Urispace, which clearly underlines Rise in thefts and dacoities between 2021 and 2022, +17.3% and +14.2% respectively.

Home Security Decologue

one of the many houses alarm, intended to scare away little rascals But it can do nothing against the more organized gangs. Emphasizing how professional thieves are constantly busy updating themselves, especially if they have a big heist in a large apartment or villa in their sights, here are the basic rules to be able to start off more calmly. should be followed.

The CNA installation suggests a realistic set of installation rules, starting with the basic defense systems, ie armored doors and gratings. in case of a state of the art armored door The price can range from a minimum of 2700 to a maximum of 6 thousand euros.

even if necessary railings are expensive, with a medium-sized stable iron net that can reach 5-600 euros. However, the price varies greatly depending on the size.

With the basics covered, let’s move on to more sophisticated rigs. It is necessary to combine three devices. on the one hand perimeter recognition systemto join volumetric protection inside the house. it can all happen with a video surveillance system State-of-the-art, which allows you to live monitor from your smartphone what is happening in the property, checking for any false alarms.

The camera system is also very useful when you are indoors. Just think of Digital Peephole, which allows you to scare petty criminals, record their faces and, if you wish, interact with them via microphone.

In an average apartment of 70 square meters, the cost of such a procedure is 2500-3000 euros, excluding cameras. In this case we are talking about the medium-high range from a technical point of view. A system of four wire cameras including recording costs around 1500-2000 Euros. Costs that vary according to the definition of the shots.

obviously setting something up Totally DIY Cameras Online costs less. This certainly represents an important first step in protecting your home. However, the rates shown refer to professional systems installed by specialized companies.

Unfortunately, this sector has grown by an average of 10% over the past year. However, there is no shortage of good news, such as the confirmation of fiscal slippage For installation of security systems. According to the budget law of 2023, when buying a new one or replacing an old one, you are entitled to a tax deduction of 50% of the cost.





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