Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" Speech Wasn't Composed: Pure Inspiration

Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech Wasn’t Composed: Pure Inspiration

It was on August 28, 1963, when Martin Luther King, standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, said one of the most famous speeches ever, Transferred directly to the books of the history of mankind. His words were inspired by a belief and not cold preparation, at least not completely.

In those situations, hearing himself speak and feeling the feelings of his audience, his people, the reverend takes himself away from his own feelings and suffering experience, sharing them with those who have been hurt there and elsewhere. Absolutely need to listen. That word. This is not the peak of violence, but of resistance and hope,

speech “i have a dream”, This is how everyone remembers it today, it is certain that every turn of that historical moment was widely studied, as it happens in politics and, of course, as it happens during a sermon in church. is the custom of This is true, but up to a certain point, until the words took possession of King, who forgot that he had ever written anything to say, leaving his heart free and an opening even to the world of communication. marked an important day.

impromptu speech

There are many sources that have revealed the great secret of Martin Luther King’s famous speech, namelyno motivation and preparation, Undoubtedly the most authentic representation of the individual is author Clarence B. done by Jones.

he submitted his story to the book behind the dreamExplaining what really happened that day in Washington. it all started last day, August 27, 1963. Seven people, including Jones, gathered at the Willard Hotel to refine the speech. Everyone wanted to leave their mark, managing to voice their thoughts at least partially through the voice of the revered.

Everything was completed on time, and copies of the official speech, which had been planned and not fully delivered, were also distributed to the press the following day. People, in confrontation with their people, there are clearly two moments. In the first, King is seen repeatedly looking down to read what is written. However, what happens in the second is magic.

tell him about the dream

During the seventh paragraph, Jones says, there was a heartfelt pause and gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, who was a good friend of King’s, wailed over that ecstasy. tell everyone about his dream,

It seems as if the reverend was not waiting for anything else. The chains of those sheets were suddenly broken, the proud gaze never bowed down to read. The pages turned to the side and in an instant he decided to abandon any kind of ending he had thought of before. everything happened in the moment and of course is supported by the collisions that happened in the past and let’s key points imprinted in his mindHe reformulated the second part of the speech and consigned it to history.

A unique speaker, able to change gears without preparation, without any safety net, even before a leader. what was said Partially delivered two months ago in DetroitIn Cobo Hall, but in Washington he found the right place, the right performance and the perfect moment to inspire those in front of him and, even today, anyone who takes the time to hear him really hears him.