Microplastics found in heart tissue!

Microplastics found in heart tissue!

After the respiratory tract, blood and brain, it is the heart’s turn to reveal the presence of microplastics. A small study suggests that invasive cardiac surgery increases exposure to plastic fragments.

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Microplastics are found in air, water, food and even in parts of the human body such as the lungs and brain. Logical, since they can enter through various body cavities that are in direct contact with the outside, such as the nose and mouth. What about the cardiovascular system? There is still a lack of data on exposure to microplastics in completely closed human organs.

A pilot study of 15 people who had undergone heart surgery indicated that researchers found microplastics in many heart tissues. These plastic particles could have come during surgical procedures.

Nine types of plastic in different sizes

The research team used a laser direct infrared chemical imaging system and scanning electron microscopy to analyze heart tissue and blood samples. , Microplastics were not universally present in all tissue samples, but nine types of plastic were found in five tissue samples, with the largest diameter at 469 µm.Write author. The results suggest that invasive medical procedures are an oft-overlooked route of exposure to microplastics, as they provide direct access to the bloodstream and internal tissues. ,

The researchers conclude that further studies are needed to better understand the effects of microplastics on the cardiovascular system.


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