Paranormal Weather Phenomena: Sheep in the Sky

Paranormal Weather Phenomena: Sheep in the Sky

Have you ever had the feeling of seeing hundreds of sheep in the sky? Rest assured, you are not alone. Sheep clouds are a very real phenomenon that can be seen regularly in France, as in the rest of the world.

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The term “sheep cloud” exists and is used by meteorologists around the world. it is’altocumulus flocsClouds that come in a shallow, or rather flock.

Floating between four and six kilometers in height, they sometimes look like scattered pieces of very bright white: they look very soft and fluffy.

sheep that indicate bad weather the next day

These clouds are not only beautiful, but they also give an accurate and reliable indication of weather developments. They usually occur when frontal ascent is underway: a mass of moist air rises due to the arrival of a cold front. As the popular saying goes, ” Humidity in the sky, it will rain tomorrow Or ” When the sky is cloudy, it rains soon after the good weather”,

Sheep clouds indicate that wet and unstable atmospheric conditions are coming not in the next few minutes, but the next day: either storms are near or a disturbance is approaching.

If these are seen in the evening, there is a high probability of a stormy downpour the next day. German cloud meteorologist Hans Haeckel says so in his book Clouds and other celestial phenomena, Observations have confirmed that in two-thirds of cases rain or snow occurs within 24 hours after the sheep appear in the sky., Seeing sheep in the sky does not mean that you have lost your mind, but that the weather will change.


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