Pepe and Shib marked the day!

Pepe and Shib marked the day!

The popular memecoin project Shiba Inu (Shiva) and Pepe (pepe), the day was marked with his rise.

cryptocurrency market today My Started. Although several altcoins saw gains, these were on a smaller scale. However, two of them stood out. pepe And SHIB became one of the biggest risers on the day with its gains.

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popular two memecoinRose in parallel. CoinGlass data pointed to an increase in interest on the SHIB side, with futures reaching $101 million. This situation also paved the way for the rise of SHIB. PEPE, who did not lag behind the rise of SHIB, 5 percentHas over 1,000 upstairs steps.

PEPE and SHIB chart analysis

Shivawith interest in the future highest since February Saw the flow of money. Long positions and increased buying appetite, SHIB’s day-to-day 10 percentThis enabled him to experience an increase close to . Furthermore, SHIB managed to attract attention with a market cap of $6.4 billion. SHIB has seen an average gain of 60 per cent since mid-June. The project, which demonstrated bullishness, made one wonder about the Memecoin craze. However, the market is yet to see the memecoin craze as in the previous months.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiva Looking at the graph, $0.000011 level Seen as an important resistance point. If SHIB breaks through this point, its next target is $0.00001185 will be flat. This level is known as the April level. Increase in selling pressure towards SHIB and subsequent correction $0.0001049 level as a support function. break this support Shiva For $0.00000947 May the bells begin to ring.

Durum pepe Same on the other side. A possible corollary is that memecoins exhibit parallel movements in rise and fall. shibin feel the rise PEPE’ye Can increase interest. However, in the opposite downside, pressure may arise on the PEPE side as well.

black pepper (black pepper)

As a weak resistance point in front of PEPE $0.00000136 level appears. With a breakdown of this point, PEPE could consolidate its upside momentum. at another point of resistance, $0.00000152 Level is important. If this level, which is a strong resistance point, is crossed, $0.00000169 You can come face to face with it. On the other hand, looking at the recessionary scenarios, P.E.P.E. $0.00000123 The level of support is important. Breaking this support could trigger a retracement and PEPE $0.000000105 can test.






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