Poison sandwich, human stew...: crazy dishes proposed by artificial intelligence

Poison sandwich, human stew…: crazy dishes proposed by artificial intelligence

A chatbot created by a supermarket chain in New Zealand that suggests dishes from fridge leftovers has been in the news in recent times, but not for the right reasons. Users quickly realized that ingredients weren’t just limited to foods…

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Artificial intelligence doesn’t always have our best interests at heart. Who wants to get nuclear weapons to destroy humanity after ChaosGPT, chatgptchatgpt One that manipulates and lies, an AI that creates neurotoxins or even FraudGPT designed to scams, here are toxic AIs.

The story takes place in New Zealand. Supermarket chain Pak’nSave has created a chatbot named Save Me-Bot, an artificial intelligence based on GPT-3.5 that suggests dishes based on the food you have left in the fridge. For example, tell him that you have flour, eggs and milk left, and he will suggest a recipe for pancakes. At first glance, it seems like a great idea to help your customers save a little money.SilverSilver In times of inflation. Except that the developers forgot to include some restrictions to avoid drift.

Poisoned Sandwich, Human Stew…

It was New Zealand political commentator Liam Hehir who discovered the problem, and shared a recipe suggested by the chatbot on X (formerly Twitter). indicating that he still hasammoniaammonia and bleach, the AI ​​responded with a recipe for “water” fragrantfragrant which is nothing more than chlorinechlorine Gas, an extremely toxic product. Other users quickly shared their own findings, such as bleach-laced rice, human flesh stew, an ant venom sandwich…

This underscores the importance of being sensible when it comes to artificial intelligence responses that have no understanding of the words used. Pak’nSave also pointed out that according to its terms of use, you must be of legal age to use their chatbot, but the firm indicated it was counting that. continue fine-tuning » Are from AI.


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