Prices rise, wages don't satisfy 6 out of 10 workers

Prices rise, wages don’t satisfy 6 out of 10 workers

For 61% workers’ l,Current salary Not enough To deal with rising inflation I He 46% chose their current job based on salary and benefits offered. it detects Adecco Group highlight search results global workforce of the future, In The meeting between the government and the opposition on the topic of minimum wage took place in the last few hours.

salary is not enough

regarding the introduction of minimum incomeThe measure on which the confrontation between the government and the opposition started. And a survey of Group ISickness He more dand 8 interviewers are 10 they declare themselves in favor of on the introduction of minimum income, especially, IL 79, Saw think over A tool to ensure more equity and 9% say they are in favor of it as long as the productivity of the companies is stimulated. il 5% remains more skeptical, Highlighting that this issue should be included in collective bargaining through negotiations with trade unions. opposite of this instead il 7% for which there is no theme represents priority for the country.

yes to minimum wage

Aensuring greater career progression and therefore faster satisfactory monetary compensation, Adecco Group also highlights that it happens It is always strategic to invest in skill upgradation and re-skilling of workers. This will not only ensure employment In the long run, however, it will enable professionals to move forward and be more satisfied with their working environment.

Tomorrow, meeting at Palazzo Chigi Sul raise the minimum wage all the way Between the majority and the opposition, who have put on the table their unitary proposal for a wage of less than 9 euros per hour. On the other hand, the President of the Council Georgia Meloni who, while opening up to dialogue, have repeatedly shown deep confusion (“the situation risks getting worse”). Everything happened according to the script in the end “Solution” to the impasse. and classic “Ball in the Grandstand” that postpones Case A after summer. Apart from Meloni, the Deputy Prime Minister was present on behalf of the government. Antonio Tajani and Matteo Salvini (linked)), Labor Minister Marina Elvira Calderón and Undersecretaries Giovanbattista Fazzolari and Alfredo Mantovano.

summit did nothing

Meloni has proposed a way”Attention” but is still “quick” to reach a resolution “Shared” as opposed to “bad work and low pay”. A path that cannot fail to begin with the analysis of timely data and the results of every possible legislative initiative. ,I believe the most appropriate forum is CNEL, in compliance with the constitution.” Definitely cool. reaction ofand protest. In short, match just started and making an announcement climb.





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