Rushing past the points of no return is as dangerous as crossing them.

Rushing past the points of no return is as dangerous as crossing them.

We should not worry only about reaching the peak point. We should also worry about how fast we reach it. That is the recommendation the researchers are making to us today.

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Tipping points, sometimes called points of no return. You’ve probably heard about it before. These are points that, if exceeded, could lead to sudden and irreversible changes in the global climate. being weak is one of them Gulf Stream Or the loss of the Amazon rainforest or the melting of the ice caps. Tipping points that sometimes want to be reached sooner than experts imagine. and from researchersUniversity College Cork (Ireland) may have an explanation.

Understanding Tipping Point Dynamics

The mathematical model they developed shows that a hitherto neglected parameter actually plays an important role: the speed at which we reach Earth from these tipping points. The higher it is, the greater the risk of irreversible changes occurring before the said critical point is reached.

This phenomenon is even more important because mathematicians assure that they observe it not only on climate systems, but also on ecosystems. And even on systems made by humans. they exemplify almost layout of Occurred during the 1990 FIFA World Cup semi-final between England and Germany. “The network authorities were expecting a rise in the demand for power. He prepared to assimilate it. But he did not imagine that the game could go to extra time and even a penalty shootout. At that time, the equivalent of one million kettles was turned on at the same time. Demand exploded and the network came close to blackout. Not because the capacity was not available, but because it was not prepared for this brutal extreme.says Hassan Alkhayoun, co-lead author of the study, in a press release.

The rate of warming matters as much as its extremes

The researchers hope that their work will serve to raise awareness that the extent of global warming we reach should not be our only concern. We should also be very concerned about limiting the speed at which we get there.