Selling pressure continues in bitcoin!

Selling pressure continues in bitcoin!

In bitcoin, which a few days ago attacked 30 thousand 250 dollars (B T c) The supremacy of vendors is not over yet.

BTC, which broke $29,700 with volume in the past day, and headed towards $30,250, continues to retreat from minor resistance points. Finally, the market leader, which rallied to $29,720, was unable to withstand the selling pressure and pulled back to $29,400. What does the chart mean for BTC, which is currently trading at $29,438?

bitcoin (btc) chart analysis

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Failing to test $30,250, BTC surged to $29,400. Currently, BTC, which is trading just below the resistance area, could set the stage for higher gains towards $30,300 – $30,800 and $31,400, respectively, if it can break above $29,700.

In case of further rejection at $29,700 or if the news flow in the area remains negative, a further decline towards the support level is likely. On the BTC side, the levels where buyers can play an active role are $29,262 – $28,896 – $28,406 and $28,039 respectively.

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