The Italian giant has left 350 workers without pay

The Italian giant has left 350 workers without pay

a historic brand of the best made in Italy Had to face a difficult situation for a long time. In Italian, it must be specified, it has history, style, workforce and headquarters. the rest is dutch fund tenor, founded and led by German Lars Windhorst, with offices in London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Zurich. The company is standing since 1954 and 2018 saw the arrival of Tanner.

Tenor Fund does not pay salary to La Perla

activist of the historical brand of luxury underwear Pearl from bologna condemn the non payment of wages, The issue ended up at the table of trade unions, the Emilia-Romagna region and the municipality of Bologna. we talk about 350 people Awaiting payment and whose wages have already been reduced by the solidarity contract.

Ministry is active for La Perla

Not only this, the government will also become active soon. Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy “He is closely following the development of the situation affecting La Perla Group and its workers”. And then: “After the talks of the last few days, they have been called Tuesday 5 September 2023 at 15:00, in mixed mode, a table on the crisis of the group”. Mimit informed through a note that representatives of the company, social partners and trade unions have been invited to the meeting.

In early May, the owners announced the arrival of the necessary liquidity to pay off debts to suppliers, restart the plant and resume development of new products.

It is not the first time that La Perla has faced adversity: Management fired 65 people in 2019,

anger of unions and executives

clearly says “unacceptable” chairman of the Emilia-Romagna region, Stefano Bonaciniciting non-payment of wages. Regional Councilor for Economic Development, Vincenzo Kolait echoes. “This decision taken by the company – declared Bonacini and Cola – is a clear violation of the commitments made by the owners to the institutions, the sector in the first place and the trade unions”.

Bonacini and Cola convened a meeting at the ministry in early July “because it is necessary to find solutions that save production sites, brand value and jobs”. As mentioned, the delay in the ministerial convocation scheduled for September took him “by surprise”.

“We consider this act to be seriously unheard of – the trade unions comment – confirming, if there were still a need, the kind of entrepreneurial commitment the La Perla group is poised for, one of the few luxury lingerie companies in our Made There is one in Italy”.

This has also been added to the criticism Mayor of the metropolitan city of Bologna, Matthew Lepore: “The release of Perla employees without pay is another confirmation of the unreliability of the ownership of the historic Bolognese company. To date, there is no industrial plan and entrepreneurial strategy. Above all, there is a lack of awareness of the irreversible damage that paranoid corporate management inflicts on a brand that has so far shown that it maintains credibility built over time.





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