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What is LUNC coin? Critical warnings and questions for LUNC

LUNC Coin Nedir? LUNC Terra is a classic series coin. We can say that Terra Classic is the older version of Terra 2.0 which was released a few days ago.

  • market value: 930 million dollars
  • Circulating Supply: 6.5 trillion dollars
  • Total Supply: 6.9 trillion dollars
  • Highest Price Level: $119.18
  • Minimum Price Level: $0.0001675

As is known, in early May 2020, with Terra’s algorithmic stablecoin UST decoupled from the dollar, the price of Luna, which was continuously printed to stabilize the UST at 1 dollar, also suffered due to the mechanism. suffered heavy depreciation. in the system.

As a result, the entire Terra series was virtually destroyed in the Death Circle. Terra’s founder Nam, Do Kwon suggested switching to a new chain as a solution.

It was also called Terra 2.0. While the new series continues with the Terra name and its token as LUNA, the old series has been renamed as Terra Classic and its token as Luna Classic.

The supply of the old coin Luna Classic remains at 6.5 trillion as new coins are continuously being issued to stabilize the UST value.

The “classic” suffix is ​​thought to be a reference to Ethereum splitting into Ethereum/Ethereum Classic following the DAO hack in 2017. Kwon described the UST and Luna collapse as “Terra’s DAO hack moment”.

What is the purpose of LUNC coin?

LUNC Coin aims to stabilize the price of USTC, namely Terra Classic USD. However, to what extent it has achieved this in recent years is a matter of debate.

future of LUNC coin

The future of LUNC coin is a matter of curiosity for many cryptocurrency investors. Although some say that the LUNC coin will be worth $1 in the future, this is not very realistic. Given that the circulating supply of LUNC is close to 6 trillion units, $1 of LUNC is worth about $6 trillion in market value in the future, and no single company has reached this value alone so far.

Are LUNC coin and LUNA the same?

The LUNC coin was renamed LUNC instead of LUNA after the crash in May 2022. In fact, LUNC can be said to be a continuation of LUNA coin, that is, identical to this period, that is, the period before the on-chain split.

How many heights did LUNC see?

LUNC reached a high of $119.18.

Which was the lowest LUNC saw?

LUNC saw its lowest value on May 13, 2022, which was the major crash, and the lowest value ever recorded was 0.00001675.

Terra Classic (Away) Sub Kim?

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On which exchange is LUNC coin traded?

You can buy LUNA, the coin of the new series Terra, as well as Luna Classic (LUNC) on many exchanges. For example; LUNC has started trading on major exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, FTX and Kraken. More exchanges are expected to launch trading on LUNC in the coming days.

Today listed on Binance, LUNC opened at $0.00010 and reached a high of $0.00029. LUNC saw a 170% increase in a short period of time, but it didn’t last long. According to 15.20 TSI, LUNC finds buyers at $0.000143. LUNC’s current market capitalization is close to $1 billion.

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warning for LUNC

While LUNC is trading on exchanges, a warning draws attention to the project’s CoinMarketCap page. It has been said in the warning that it is necessary to be careful of large fluctuations in the price.

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