WorldCoin opens reservation for WLD to unverified users

WorldCoin opens reservation for WLD to unverified users

WorldCoin, the iris-scanning crypto project, has made it possible for unverified customers to book WorldCoin (WLD) tokens as well.
In an announcement today, the project highlighted that App World now offers a reservation feature that makes it easy for everyone to reserve their WLD tokens before verifying their ID to App World. Reservation will be valid for 12 months Users will be able to redeem pre-ordered tokens by visiting an iris scanning device called the Orb,

World App with booking functionality. Source: Worldcoin

The WorldCoin project consists of three key elements: the WorldCoin ID, the App and the Token (WLD). Users willing to scan their iris to create an identification system based on biometric data Rewarded with WLD tokens,
WorldCoin launched on July 24 after three years of development. The project promises to create a global database to differentiate humans from bots in the future. The project’s claim is based on the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) will become so prominent in the future It will prove difficult to separate real humans from bots on the InternetWorld ID has become a default identification system for humans to gain access to various services.
The project has made bold claims and aims to solve a utopian problem, so much so that it has been compared to the science fiction TV series Black Mirror. However, the project is already facing several scrutiny and regulatory issues for its operations. The project was first suspended in Kenya because of its data collection method. The country’s government is particularly concerned that WorldCoin collects critical identification information such as iris scans in lieu of digital IDs.
Apart from the suspension in Kenya, the project is also facing regulatory action in Argentina and the United Kingdom. While the project had received over 2 million subscribers prior to its public launch, customer response following launch was lackluster. The creators have not disclosed the actual number of users who have requested their WLD tokens, while saying that the response has been very encouraging, despite the long wait.

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