2 Works to rediscover the idea of ​​Albert Camus

2 Works to rediscover the idea of ​​Albert Camus

Undoubtedly, the name of Albert Camus finds its place among the most complex and admired personalities of the twentieth century. Writer, philosopher, dramatist, essayist, journalist and political activist. Many different and at the same time united souls pouring out the thoughts of a mind beset by constant turmoil in various scriptures, which have become a universal mirror.

his career achieved success in 1942After the publication of his first magnum opus, Stranger, Essay is also very important for the expression of their thought. Myth of Sisyphus, which in turn was preceded by a public victory. It took him less than twenty years to rise to the top of the world, receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature, which was awarded to him three years before his untimely death.

his philosophy It is clearly influenced by the existentialist current, which however has been modified in personal detail by the author. The perspective is brand new and thus man is placed at the center of any reflection. Its purpose is mainly to analyze its contradictory behaviours. Albert Camus focuses on the moods that often set in his absurdity connection with the outside world,

Myth of Sisyphus

An exemplary sentence of reflection on the life lived by Camus is present in it. Myth of Sisyphus: “There is really only one serious philosophical problem: that is suicidal, To decide whether life is worth living.” Published in 1942, the text is a cross between a philosophical essay and a literary criticism.

its pages analyze relationship between man and reality, In particular, we seek to understand how humans react to the awareness of living in a completely absurd world without logical understanding.

The reference to Sisyphus brings us back to Greek myth, hence the image of a man who was blamed for rolling a rock down a hill forever. Once at the top, the boulder rolls down again. Constant despair is the main feature of human life as described by Camus. A creature imprisoned in a state of constant humiliation and helplessness, who discovers that all his actions are ultimately worthless. and for forced to learn to coexist with the absurd, To understand this is to truly be free from a life of pain. However, at the same time, we find ourselves facing the primal question: is this life worth living?


In 1942, at the age of only 30, Albert Camus saw the publication of one of his most famous and relevant works, Stranger, The title is well known in Italy, given that in 1967 Marcello Mastroianni starred in a film inspired by it directed by Luchino Visconti.

At the center of the plot is a decidedly humble employee of Algiers, with whom many have had no trouble empathizing. One day, in a completely unknown way, he commits murder. He kills an Arab after an argument. This unworthy act is followed by a trial and the resulting death sentence. hero, However, Meursault does nothing to defend himself., He remains almost lifeless, without uttering a single word of defense or remorse. He doesn’t even acknowledge what it’s worth, he just has to face his fate.

a type of absurdist hero, best characterized by camus Myth of Sisyphus, a person who makes no effort to resist reality, accepting what is as it is, or surrendering to its incomprehensible being. That anger of his suddenly freed him from hope and evil. He suddenly found himself in harmony with the indifferent world in which he had always lived, in which at last he was like and fraternal.





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