3 must-read books by Nobel laureate Annie Ernaux

3 must-read books by Nobel laureate Annie Ernaux

Annie Ernaux is one of the most relevant voices in world literature. The French author’s influence on the world of writing is clear and complete on many fronts. Almost automatic, but never taken for granted, the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2022 only confirms and anoints his genius.

It has been defined by critics this is the originator of that interesting genre autofiction, A narrative system that aims to propose the self and a set of accumulated experiences in life to address universal issues. From family to affection in general, to violence, in all its personal forms. All this through devastating and disarming honesty.

The depth of his writings affects any type of reader, more or less sensitive, more or less close to the subjects covered, directly in his most intimate and private sphere. The Swedish Academy therefore honored him “for the courage and clinical acuity with which he has revealed the roots, alienation and collective constraints of individual memory”. honest in every line, keeping equality in memory and writingforces the reader to never forget how the I of the books correspond to himself.


book published in 2008, with a great impact because it translates into a stream of memories Which the author has decided to share. In these pages he recounts his life from the beginning 1940 to date, It uses itself to tell the story of the twentieth century and an entire generation.

Men and women who went through an economic boom during their development, but pushed themselves into an era of pure consumerism, until they find themselves confused and overwhelmed by digital. And one question that dominates it all. An Eternal Question About the Future, Far, EA something of the self that may or may not remain after all this,


Published in 2010, it states A young woman’s uphill struggle to be able to get an abortion, The world does not recognize this as a right and so Annie Ernaux shines a light on a deep corporate wound that belongs to all.

In literary form, the author expresses her request for a more just and fair society for every woman who is forbidden to freely dispose of her body. It is impossible for them to take a step back on this thorny issue, which unfortunately is still debated today: “If I don’t move on completely, I’ll be contributing to obscuring the reality of womenfavoring the male domination of the world”.

frozen woman

We are the education we receive, at least until we decide that there are glimmers of happiness beyond the wall our parents put up. A form of this that might not make sense to the people who raised us, but is right for us.

frozen woman Explores a woman’s upbringing both emotionally and sexually in the 1940s, who grew up in the French province. From the first discoveries of adolescence to the taboos, from the years of absolute freedom to the crossroads that life holds before us. However, these differ between men and women and the author soon finds himself facing the inequality of a woman, presenting an unfiltered image of modern married life.





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