A fully equipped cycle caravan with toilet and shower

An awesome and fully equipped mini caravan for bikes!

For those who want to go camping by bike, but don’t want to give up their comfort, there’s the CapsuleBike. Designed by French start-up TinyVroom, this mini-caravan is nothing a motorhome to envy.

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Imagine biking up to a campsite with your own room, kitchen, shower, toilet, and even a fridge and TV. This is a real tour de force achieved by French start-up Tinyvroom, a specialist in comfortable camping in a small space. after his mini caravan carcar, also known as TinyVroom, is a CapsuleBike, designed to get around with a bicycle. an invention that won a gold medal lepin competition 2023 and leonardo da vinci award,

It measures 2.80 m in length, 1.10 m in width and 1.40 m in height and weighs 69 kg. It’s large enough to accommodate a 200 x 70cm bed, so most people should be able to sleep comfortably in it. Its four stabilizers, which can be engaged when the mini-caravan is parked, avoid any risk of tipping over.

Presentation of the first version of Capsulebike. The latest version is bigger. © Christophe La Cancellera

One Folding WC-Shower Room

The CapsuleBike comes fully equipped with a kitchen kit and even a small folding table, a 12-litre thermoelectric cooler and a rainwater recovery system. filtrationfiltration, It is equipped with a small vertical tent that serves as a cabin for the folding toilet with bag biodegradablebiodegradable and solar shower with 10-litre reserve. Thanks to this the Mini Caravan is also electric solar panelsolar panel Another 140 watt battery lithiumlithium of 50 Ah, which allows you to charge your smartphone and electric bicycle.

TinyVroom offers a few options such as video projectors and screens, or toittoit Making a second bed for a child. The capsulebike is sold for 3,900 euros on the manufacturer’s website.


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