Create video intervention reports easily with Vyn

Create video intervention reports easily with Vyn

When writing an intervention report, it is often difficult to describe in words the problems encountered in the field. Now it’s possible to do it over video with Vyn.

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, a picture is worth a thousand words “. This adage is especially true for professionals in the field, who sometimes have to write a long and painstaking intervention report. This is where the innovation with WIN comes in, because ” video your notes », developed by Human Learning with Women Start, Orange Fab Accelerator dedicated to women entrepreneurs. The platform uses SmartVideoNotes technology to guide the user, Via A “storyboard” for easy creation of short commentary videos.

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artificial intelligence comes into play

Vyn thus makes it possible to present in a video information, processes or situations that are difficult to describe with forms and photographs. Once registered,artificial intelligenceartificial intelligence Through voice analysis and computer vision comes into play making it possible to better identify and subsequently locate it. The result: gains in clarity, speed and reliability for those who collaborate on the quality of installation and maintenance interventions.

Vyn SmartVideoNotes allows teams in the field to remotely ensure the quality and safety of work. They work efficiently and safely to report on the progress of the work. © Vintelligence

safety and efficiency

l’ApplicationApplicationAvailable in 10 languages, there is also a real benefit to security, as Emmanuel Schneider, VP Sales Europe at Vintelligence, explains: “ Ask workers to complete their reports Via A video in which they describe their work, the risks and the controls they have implemented positively changes their relationship to risk and improves their vigilance “. Finally, it can be very useful for individuals, victims of water damage, for example, to better understand the problem and therefore to improve the efficiency of intervention teams.

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