Institutions Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Bitcoin, According to Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor recently said in a podcast interview that large companies should not be afraid to buy and hold bitcoin. ,

MicroStrategy founder Michael Saylor is well known for his bitcoin advocacy. Saylor also handed over his CEO position at Microstrategy to lead the bitcoin portfolio.

Bitcoin Tips for Institutions from Michael Saylor

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Michael Saylor said that institutions should not be afraid of the bitcoin they receive. He gave three recommendations in this regard.

In an interview with Natalie Brunel on the Coin Stories podcast, Sellar said that due to the decentralized nature of bitcoin some people want complete self-control, but everyone can use bitcoin for a variety of purposes. He added that as bitcoin becomes more integrated into society, different use cases will emerge and that there may be a model that suits everyone’s needs.

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According to Saylor, different use scenarios may require different security methods and third-party involvement. He added that for political or functional reasons, it may be necessary to rely on a third party. From a technical perspective, he emphasized that those who prefer to conduct crypto transactions with mobile devices may have to rely on third-tier third parties.

Saylor said that bitcoin would be a core layer, a second layer to accelerate it, and a third layer to provide functionality, for example, the layers of companies like Bank of America and Apple.

Saylor said that in some cases it may be safer to hand over assets to others. For example, he also suggested the need to protect the assets of an elderly person battling Alzheimer’s disease or an unborn grandchild.





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