Minimum Wage Signature Collection Begins: What's Included and How to Get Involved

Minimum Wage Signature Collection Begins: What’s Included and How to Get Involved

Summit between government and opposition on minimum wage ends in deadlock, Georgia Meloni resumes shared path to reach a resolution within 60 days, minimum wage debate finds new frontier to open Popular advice. In fact, in these hours a collection of signatures has begun, initiated by the opposition, asking the government to adopt a minimum hourly wage equal to 9 euros per hour for all.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the issue of “fair” remuneration finds formal basis in our legal system in Article 36 of the Constitution, which states that “an employee has the right to remuneration commensurate with the quantity and quality of his work and no This matter in work is sufficient to ensure a free and dignified existence for him and his family.” However, the issue of wages in our country is also linked to wider issues, as CNEL rightly recalls in its note: high prevalence of irregular forms of work, with intermittent or low work intensity, low labor productivity and a With the higher tax risk, first of all.

iStat paints a picture of a polarized market, where low qualifications and highly specialized employment groups are increasing at the top, while intermediate qualifications are progressively declining and undeclared work is playing a significant role. Specifically, iStat data for 2022 shows that workers with low annual wages are primarily non-standard workers who, despite having an hourly wage level above the threshold that identifies low hourly wages, have low annual wages. Unable to cross the salary range. The evidence – the CNL indicates – clearly shows that there is no problem with setting an adequate minimum in our country, given that collective bargaining (except for some low qualifications and in a limited number of sectors) seems to be able to guarantee it. And the main crises arise precisely for job positions characterized by non-application or incorrect application of collective agreements.

“If you also think that it is necessary to set a minimum wage in Italy, sign it! we need your support. It’s simple, it’s instant, just sign up at or at the banquet at Festa dell’Unita”, explains Elie Schlein, Secretary of the Democratic Party on Twitter. Joe outlines how the channel is “not a Third House”, also saying it is prepared to revisit Meloni “only if he has serious offers”. “At the moment, no one has invited us – he told in an interview with Repubblica – CNEL is a prestigious institution but it cannot be a third chamber or a shadow government. We will always be available to discuss the merits, but we will not budge an inch on the pillars of our proposal.

The enrollment site literally took a storm early in the morning, so much so that it almost immediately went bad due to too much access. We at Quifinanza have also tried to consult it on several occasions and, at the time of writing, it is still unreachable.

The Greens are also against job uncertainty and low-paid work. “After the meeting on the minimum wage desired by President Meloni, who reiterated his no to the great social justice measure, a major mobilization of the opposition begins today – Green Europe co-spokesman and deputy in a statement published on Social Said in the video the media of Allenza verdi e sinistra, Angelo Bonelli – a petition to collect signatures in all the cities of Italy and we will make a great contribution to support allenza verdi e sinistra a measure of great social justice.

During the meeting in the Palazzo, Chigi Meloni reiterated the opposition’s objections to the proposal. “This wage is a subject that is close to my heart. We are ready to discuss poor work and adequate wages. I have been in the opposition and I know what that means. We met the opposition to indicate respect and attention,” he explains.

And indeed, the executive opens for discussion two months, 60 days for coverage in the budget law, on which, the prime minister assured, already has the availability of the CNL and its president “to understand that Is there any margin for sharing solutions between political forces and with social partners that can be effective in promoting decent, fair and adequately paid work, as this government has demonstrated.

“My goal is to reach a resolution on the budget law in time – he explains – but I don’t want it to be just a majority resolution as opposed to the opposition. There are proposals on the matter from the majority side, one proposed by Fi, who is the majority party. But saying ‘change your offer to our offer’ is not a good way to negotiate. A good way of negotiating is to prepare a proposal that addresses the whole issue.

“This government – ​​he added – has focused a lot of its energy on the issue of wages, on the issue of helping families, obviously on the economic level. That is why I chose to meet the opposition, starting with a specific proposal for minimum wages. This is an extremely broad subject and must be dealt with in its complexity. There is disagreement on what tools to strengthen the purchasing power of households, strengthening wages. And I propose a comparison that also includes those who are constitutionally best equipped to do this job, i.e. the CNEL, to eliminate before the beginning of budget legislation, adopting any measures. Timely for coverage needed for. President Bruneta is ready for confrontation immediately, even tomorrow.”

But in the meantime, the signature collection launched by the United Opposition is a concerted action for the more than 4 million Italian workers who earn less than 9 euros an hour. The Democratic Party says, “Too little to live a respectable life.” The opposition has united once again. “More than three and a half crore poor workers need minimum wage. Most Italian workers need wages that increase rather than decrease. This is why we will continue to fight for our proposal, this is why we will collect signatures in the country, this is why we will continue to put pressure on the majority of people who will remain deaf and without answers”, explains the National Secretary of He is the deputy of the Italian Left and Green Alliance and Nicola Frattoini of the Left.

Action takes the same approach: “The minimum wage is a measure that has been in place for years in all G7 countries. The only exception relates to Italy. The time has come to change course and guarantee respect and dignity to working citizens. This is the principle of civilization enshrined in our constitution. We put our proposal before the government. Now you also support it, sign the petition for minimum wages immediately” writes the party.

Even the 5 Star Movement insists: “Also in these hours, there has come a clear end to the legal minimum wage on the part of some government officials – President Giuseppe Conte writes on Facebook – after months of protests in Parliament After the debate on Friday in Palazzo Chigi, President Meloni said no counter-proposal has been made: the inclusion of Brunetta’s channel, which in the past has publicly expressed itself against this measure, to throw the ball into the stands. There is a way out, while 3.6 million men and women workers are receiving starvation wages. Conte assured that a proposal to introduce a minimum wage of 9 euros an hour is in parliament, “and despite the efforts of the majority to boycott, we will not stop “.

Meanwhile, clear words are coming from the channel headed by Renato Brunetta. “The question of wages cannot be reduced to the debate of whether or not to introduce a legal minimum wage, but to the main problems that hinder the growth of workers’ wages in Italy, from contract renewal to From the rapid rise in the cost of living to the prevalence of contract dumping, to the high tax hit, to the effects of uncertainty and poor work.

In short, it is also necessary to fully understand the reasons why “our country has been suffering from the problem of low productivity for a long time”, in contrast to what happens in other countries, France and Germany. Therefore, a comprehensive approach, which knows “how to reconcile inevitable emergency measures with medium and long-term solutions, capable of providing a structural answer to the serious problems slowing down wage growth in our country”.

In fact, according to the CNL, a simple legislative intervention on the minimum wage “would risk overwhelming all the other institutions that regulate contracts, forgetting the central role of industrial relations systems and rewriting personnel classification and classification systems.” norms that govern the economic value and exchange of work, to influence the organization of work, career paths and productivity dynamics”.

From this point of view, in fact, as Palazzo Lubin states, wages are “the last part of the process of value creation and not the trivial determination of an abstract tariff”. According to the National Council of Economy and Labor, the bills presented by the opposition to the chamber’s labor commission do not actually refer to “tax reform and potential solutions capable of tackling the problem of low wages on the bargaining side.” at different levels”.