Mustafa Akgul Izgur Yazilim 2023 Summer Camp Begins!

Mustafa Akgul Izgur Yazilim 2023 Summer Camp Begins!

The Mustafa Akgul Free Software Summer Camp, organized in collaboration with the Linux Users Association and Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, starts on August 25. Anyone who is interested in Linux and Free Software can attend the training given in the camp for 10 days free of cost.

In the Free Software Camp, which has been organized by the Linux User Association since 2010 to develop a “free software” philosophy based on production and sharing in Turkey, not only the GNU/Linux system but also many free software . Volunteer trainers who are experts in their field.

Since 2018, the late Assoc. Dr. The Free Software Camp named after Mustafa Akgul aims to eliminate the limitations of software.

The camp is open to all employees irrespective of public and private sector as well as students of the university and this year training will be imparted on many important topics.

The following list includes training for 2023:

  • GNU/Linux System Administration
  • Golang 101 Training
  • blockchain 101
  • linux on arm
  • Introduction to Network Management
  • data visualization with r
  • Introduction to App Development with Flutter
  • Python and Qt: Basic Programming and Application Development
  • Laravel is full-stack development
  • Introduction to Web Programming with PHP
  • Introduction to Data Science and Python Programming
  • Creating Practical Maps with Free Software (OpenStreetMap)

Participation in the training, which will be conducted in parallel classes in different areas and will address different levels of knowledge, will be free of charge. The participants will only bear the cost of their travel, accommodation and food.

The Mustafa Akgul Summer Camp, which will start on August 25 at Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, will end on September 3.

Application for the camp can be made through

For training details, you can visit link address.

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