Nero set fire to Italy: heat and humidity still after August 15

Nero set fire to Italy: heat and humidity still after August 15

Everything is fixed: in the next few days, due to anti cyclone, humidity and heat will dominate again. NeroWhich will maintain its effect till at least 20 August.

Antonio SanoThe founder of the portal says that Anticyclone Nerone will move on unhindered and bring North African warm air across the Centre-North by next weekend. Meanwhile, down south, the effects of Nero’s heat wave will only reach the middle of next week.

Sultry weekend with thunderstorms in the north

Just yesterday there were high temperatures in many cities: such as Bolzano, Florence and Prato, where the temperature reached 35 °C. Then Agrigento, Ferrara, Grosseto, Pavia and Pistoia with 34°C. At 33°C were Alessandria, Asti, Bologna, Livorno, Lucca, Oristano, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, Rome and Terni.

These are the first provincial capitals that, except for Agrigento, have felt Nero’s warming effect and will feel it in the days to come, and they are All are located in the centre-north. Thereafter, as mentioned earlier, reports of this new heat wave will be even more intense and will cover the south from the middle of the week.

On Sunday 13 August, temperatures will continue to rise slightly, reaching a peak of 36 degrees in the first three places of the ranking: Bolzano, Florence and Prato. Then, in the center-north, the thermometer will mark 35 degrees, with humidity.

Meanwhile, in the South, The hottest city would be Caserta, but with “only” 33°C. This Sunday before August 15, intense thunderstorms are also expected in the Alps in the afternoon, which may locally descend on the neighboring plains, especially Piedmont, in the evening. It is important to exercise caution, as the possibility of localized hail cannot be ruled out.

Temperatures reach 40 degrees in Sardinia

In the next week, the first rise in temperature is expected due to Anticyclone Nero, which will reach To peak between Monday and August 15. This effect will be most concentrated in the central-northern regions. There will be further rise in temperature from August 16-17, which will also cover southern regions. The hottest and most intense day in the entire Italian region will be August 19, when we expect extreme conditions with “human fever” temperatures.

In detail, 38-39 degrees are expected in Ferrara, Florence, Pavia, Syracuse and Taranto. In practice, from north to south, we experience the influence of Nero’s North African wind. It is interesting to note that in the inland areas of Sardinia, we will reach 40 degrees even in the shade. This figure represents a decrease of 8 degrees from the July 24 record, but remains an exceptional value nonetheless. It must be recognized that we are already in the second half of August.

It will be hot and humid till August 20

anticyclone nero will gradually strengthenIts thermal intensity is increasing further. It will also be aided by the activity of a low pressure area, which will move from the British Isles to the Iberian Peninsula and then to the Canary Islands. As we have seen on several occasions, when a cyclone moves towards Western Europe, an anticyclone forms and moves towards Central Europe. In this context, the African anticyclone Nero will become increasingly warm and more prevalent in Italy.

At least this should be the case till 20 august, and probably by August 25. We cannot rule out the possibility that it will continue over southern regions and some parts of the center till the end of the month.





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