Overpriced Medicines: How to Save Money Without Risking Your Health

Overpriced Medicines: How to Save Money Without Risking Your Health

Taking care of one’s health comes at a cost: the average annual expenditure on medicines per capita is 358 Euros, of which a part, equal to approx. 156 euro, is directly supported by the citizens; Instead the remainder is covered by the National Health Service. here because other consumption shared some priceless pointers to reduce the amount of expenses related to medicines, without compromising on one’s health.

drug recommendations

The first advice applies to all types of drugs use them sparingly, Buy only the medicines you really need, avoid products with questionable efficacy, and keep in mind that even with medicines, there are no miracle cures. It is better to consult with your general practitioner and ask his opinion on the effectiveness of unknown products.

Another habit to avoid, which also benefits your personal finances, is excessive hoarding. The medicine cabinet doesn’t have to serve as a continuous pantry. being available is enough 4-5 medicines for use in emergency situations, The rest can be bought as needed. There are about 20,000 points of sale in Italy, so there is no danger of the drug running out. Additionally, drugs have an expiration date and lose their effectiveness if not stored properly.

always choose equivalent

Ideal option if the goal is to save Opt for the generic drug These medicines are the equivalent of the reference medicine, also known as a “brand name”. These are marketed with the name of the active ingredient followed by the manufacturer’s name (for example, Paracetamol Angelini instead of Tachypirina) or with a fancy name, and they cost less. If your doctor has prescribed a brand-name drug at a premium, you can ask your pharmacist if there is a drug available that costs less.

Remember that equivalent drugs Contains the same active ingredient, with the same dosage and pharmaceutical form. In fact, their efficacy and safety are identical. The lower cost comes from the patent expiration of the branded drug (after at least 20 years), at which time other companies can commercialize the same active principle, which has already been widely tested, at a lower cost. Because they do not have to bear the research cost the maternal home has to bear.

The production, distribution and storage of an equivalent drug is subject to the same stringent controls as envisaged for a branded drug. As with any medicine, the investigation continues even after the product has been introduced into the market and the competent authority for supervision remains the same.

For example, 10 grams of Zovirax cream, used to treat skin infections caused by herpes simplex, costs €21.50, whereas the generic equivalent 10 grams of Aciclovir cream EG is available for only €9.50: opting for the generic medicine From, there is a lot of savings. 12 Euro is expected.

hypermarket selection

Another strategy to optimize costs, suggested by AltroConsumo, is to avoid limiting yourself to the first pharmacy, but instead Explore the various options. Over-the-counter, open-priced drugs can be found not only in traditional pharmacies, but also in drugstores, health centers in large supermarkets, and even through online pharmacies.

According to Altroconsumo, the surveys carried out show great variability in prices. usually I big supermarket and websites are channels More profitable from an economic point of view. However, traditional pharmacies can also have interesting promotions. It’s important to do some research, as there will definitely be savings opportunities and deals worth taking advantage of.

Avoid Duplicate Medications

Such drugs as Sibalgina Due Fast, Buscofen, Moment, Subitin, Nurofen, Algofen and Spididol have in common that they are all based on ibuprofen, which is available in 200 mg tablets. There’s no point in hoarding five different solutions in your locker that do the same thing. learn to identify drugs As for their active ingredient, so you’ll know it’s the same substance. Sometimes, the names of the drugs are the same, but the active ingredients are different. Beware of this ploy, known as an “umbrella brand,” which extends a drug’s reputation to an entire product line. However, in some cases, multiple packs may have the same name.