Single allowance without basic income: how to get it

Single allowance without basic income: how to get it

New unique universal check Allows you to apply for a subsidy without age limits for families with dependent children up to the age of 21 and still with dependent children. This benefit is available to employed, self-employed, retired, unemployed and unemployed people and is guaranteed By February 2024. This measure also applies to households that previously received citizenship income. INPS has prepared a detailed memorandum regarding this issue. Here is the process to request money for those who were beneficiaries of the Grillino subsidy.

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Starting in 2024, all households that are beneficiaries of the updated formulation of the Inclusion Allowance, which guarantees Monthly support of 350 eurosYouth will have to submit a fresh application to access the dedicated allowance.

The guidelines are summarized in a memorandum prepared by the INPS, which summarizes the provisions contained in Decree No. 48, issued in May 2024. This document provides details on the procedures to be followed in case of excess of basic income.

For Families with minors and disabled members, There are no significant changes. In compliance with Decree-Law n, these families will retain the right to citizenship income until 31 December 2023. 48/2023. The same procedures already in place will be followed to guarantee the unification of the single universal cheque. Without prejudice to legal requirements, the continuation of this family support is guaranteed until any adult child attains the age of 21 years, as stated earlier.


In respect of those households to whom the allocation of subsidy has been temporarily suspended on account of achievement of the limit of seven months, there are Some exceptional circumstances. In fact, some families may still be entitled to a single and universal allowance for children aged 18 to 21, such as the unemployed, students or people attending training courses. In this situation, there are two options to consider.

In the first scenario, if the application has already been submitted, lINPS will pay For months in which assistance was not disbursed through income cards. Further, the disbursement of the Unique and Universal Allowance would commence from the month following the month in which the application for this measure was submitted.

In the second scenario, if no request has been sent yet, a request will be sent Settlement of Dues to the Family Unit, However, in this case, there will be no continuation of payment through income card, which will be kept active instead. The purpose of this second option is to ensure regularity of payments for the children. There will be no reduction in the amount payable for the months after July as the families concerned will no longer be entitled to citizenship income.

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From 1 January 2024, all families with dependent children who have not yet submitted an application for the single and universal allowance will have to do so, so that they can start receiving the allowance from 1 March 2024. The submission of applications is likely to be valid till 30 June 2024 and, at that time, any dues (as on 1 March) will be duly paid.

As per the present law, the payee of the unique and universal check will receive the amount directly Card provided by Post Italiano, added to income. However, the disbursed amount will not include the full amount, as the portion relating to citizenship income relating to children present in the family unit will be deducted.