Stock exchange employee fired from 'Mime Coin' scam

Stock exchange employee fired from ‘Mime Coin’ scam

The Ethereum second-layer blockchain base, which Coinbase recently launched, is attracting a lot of attention. This interest also whets the appetite of scamsters. Surprisingly, one of them is an employee of Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange.

A new meme coin called FriendsTech was launched to take advantage of the wind created by the social platform Friend.Tech, which was launched on Base a few days ago. Although this token had nothing to do with Friend.Tech, it turned out that its developer was a Uniswap employee, whose real name is Alan Lin and who goes by the alias EzFlynn.

AzFlin, who has been working on Uniswap since July 2022, reset the liquidity to the meme coin he created and pocketed 14 ETH worth about $26 thousand.

“Not behaviors we endorse or condone”

In the coming hours, Hayden Adams, founder of Uniswap, will be speaking on this topic. the explanation Came. “I want you to know that this individual is no longer working for the company,” Adams said in a statement on his X account. These are not behaviors that we endorse or condone.” used his statements.

On the other hand, Ezflyn wrote in his X post, “I got kicked off Uniswap but gained 600 new followers and bad guy status on crypto twitter. To be honest, it’s a neutral position for me.” wrote.

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