Were the Middle Ages Warmer Than Today?  New findings answer the question

Were the Middle Ages Warmer Than Today? New findings answer the question

The Medieval Climate Optimum is known to be a phase of natural global warming that occurred during the 1200s. This has given rise to much debate in recent years on the phenomenal nature, or not, of our current global warming. New scientific discoveries call into question the existence of this climatic optimum in the Middle Ages, even in areas where it seemed reliable.

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since reading weather reportweather report At the time reliable did not exist, between the 10th and 14th centuries, scientists used reconstructions made from climate models. But despite other scientists’ findings, the results never showed a truly high temperature. In general, climatologists already agreed on the fact that the Middle Ages were not globally warmer than today, except in some specific regions of the world, such as around the North Atlantic: terraceterrace The places around this ocean must have experienced extreme heat in such a way that it is difficult to explain.

Study of trees suggests Middle Ages warming weaker than present

Until now, scientists believed that Scandinavia was one of the regions that experienced very warm periods in the medieval ages. But new analyzes of tree rings suggest that the medieval period was ultimately cooler than expected, according to a study published in Nature, including Scandinavia. The tree rings of pine trees (living or dead) collected in Sweden and Finland are the most accurate indicators: the thicker and darker they are, the more they testify to an unusually warm period. These suggest that the most recent rings are thicker than those from the 1200s.

The more science progresses, the more this localized medieval climate optimum turns out to be much colder than we thought, which contradicts all theories of the past on the fact that our planet already experienced stronger warming than the present. had experienced.





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