3 life lessons from Albert Einstein, the genius of the 20th century

3 life lessons from Albert Einstein, the genius of the 20th century

Albert Einstein was a globally renowned scientist who was capable of revolutionizing the field of physics forever. However, its influence in other areas is undeniable. To take the concept a bit to the extreme, he can even be defined as a pop character in some cases.

certainly distinguished for its passion for philosophy, gave us not only complex formulas, but also thoughts and famous phrases, which are still remembered today. Words from which you can draw important conclusions universal life lessons,

difference between success and value

One of the most famous quotes by Albert Einstein is the following: “Don’t try to be a successful person, try to be a valuable person, This leaves us with an essential analysis to be done on man and how he evaluates himself according to the society in which he lives.

We find ourselves constantly chasing a goal set by someone else. We try to mold our lives according to the concept of success that we have been forced to learn from the people around us, from the media and from social networks over the past 20 years.

The truth is that goals in life are different for every person. Trying to fit into categories imposed by others is a recipe for unhappiness. fame is not true success And the same thing applies for wealth accumulation. Our goal should be to become a better person on the inside, at peace with ourselves and able to empathize with those around us.

A discourse that appears to be very simple, but is actually very complex. we grow by looking at others, letting ourselves be defined by them or by the reflected image we receive, which is often not real. We are not wrong that we want to make our own choices, follow our own rules and passions, Finding a Personal and Unique Happiness,


The following is another famous quote by Albert Einstein: “I amI only know one race, that’s the human race, A reflection on what is one of the biggest absurdities of our world. Lost in our thoughts, we have convinced ourselves that we are divided into many castes, when in fact it is not so at all.

We have distanced ourselves so much from the animal kingdom that we have not realized that only one species exists, the human race. However, what we can talk about is about different ethnic groups. We should rediscover this word and give it the right importance and meaning. Looking into each other’s eyes, we must find ourselves equal, for they are the fruits of the same species. It’s the only way not to relive the same horrors of the past,

everyone’s talent

“Everyone is talented. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, it He’ll spend the rest of his life thinking he’s a fool, Words that have multiple meanings. On the personal front, we must learn to value our strengths, identify a path in life that is individual and does not follow other people’s plans.

However, on the school front, it would be pertinent to re-evaluate the idea of ​​teaching that we impart in the classrooms. In fact, it does not try to understand the type of intelligence of individuals, but tries to forcibly mold them according to a pre-established idea. Is there anyone who fails to excel in that particular way? A fool. Understanding how confusing this mechanism is will be an important step mental health of the next generations,





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