ApeCoin (APE) comes to the fore with its rise!

ApeCoin (APE) comes to the fore with its rise!

Popular NFT project AppCoin (which recently tested bottom)Monkey), increased by more than 15 percent.

The star of the era that has been on the decline since June, AppCoin (Monkey), after testing $1.83, rose more than 15 percent. Falling from $1.83 to $2.11, APE again created excitement for the NFT industry. What does the technical side portend for APE, which is also the third highest rising coin of the day?

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appcoin (APE) chart rating

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APE, which made the lowest price by testing $1.73, gained momentum to reach $2.11 in no time. Finally, the NFT coin, which retook to $1.83, set the agenda again with its movement. After receiving 15.25 percent response from the support, the APE could move higher towards $2.35 and $2.52 till it surpasses $2.19.

A drop in BTC below $29,000 or negative news from the NFT sector could shake APE’s bullish momentum. In such a case, the support levels to follow are $1.96 – $1.83 and $1.73 respectively. If $1.73, which has been recorded as the minimum, breaks down to the downside, the selling wave in APE could be huge.

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