Are bats at risk from solar farms?  "A Disturbing Discovery"

Are bats at risk from solar farms? “A Disturbing Discovery”

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To fight global warming, we need to depend on renewable energy. This is undeniable. But their deployment should not harm BiodiversityBiodiversity,

Solar Farms as Shelters for Biodiversity?

However, researchers from the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) have just “A Disturbing Discovery”, They see that the activities of many speciesspecies Of batbat – whose role in the environment, it is worth remembering, is significant – has decreased much less on solar farms than on neighboring sites without photovoltaic panels. 40% for normal pipistrelles at the edge of the farm and even around 90% in the middle of the photovoltaic farm.

Possible deployment of solar panels and protection of bats

So should we stop deploying solar panels? No. The researchers are adamant. because, as was done with wind turbineswind turbines It should be possible to find a win-win solution – especially the installation of acoustic deterrents. But first it would be necessary to identify the reasons for this decline in activity. Perhaps because of its lack, it is a difficulty for bats to feed on solar farms.insectsinsects – Verified – or having difficulty locating them.