Ban in mid-August: Ban on bonfires and alcohol, fines along the way

Ban in mid-August: Ban on bonfires and alcohol, fines along the way

In a summer of price hikes and overpriced holidays, Italians are ready to celebrate mid August, a celebration that always marks the end of the holiday season for workers and the school holidays for students. A day, which takes place between the night of the 14th and the whole day of the 15th, often made up of evenings spent on the beach with friends and relatives, or even barbecues and bonfires, but which, every year Like, brings with it many risks as well. In fact, many municipalities have decided to use a blow to the partyWith prohibitions imposed, the violation of which can lead to heavy fines and a day of happiness can turn into a bitter day indeed.

Restrictions for 15 August

From north to south, in fact, there are many municipal administrations that have decided to tighten restrictions, aiming to impose heavy fines to discourage citizens from behaving against the law. To PalermoThe restrictions begin even before August 15, for example, Mayor Lagala has banned parking from midnight on August 13 to 7 a.m. on August 16 inside Favorita Park, which is always used by Palermitans for picnics and the night. A very prestigious destination by. tent.

in cefaluAlso in Sicily, there is a ban on the sale and carrying of alcoholic beverages. It is also prohibited to keep glass bottles in public areas and to bring glass or metal objects into the beach area. Prohibit the sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in bottles or cans throughout the region Carini Municipality.

A Gaetaalso on the Lazio coast stop al traditional mid august rites bathroom of midnight, In addition to a ban on bathing, a ban on bivouacs and fishing with any gear has also been arranged for the most anticipated day of the year.

A catanzaro It is forbidden to park vehicles with hot engines on top of dry vegetation OlbiaFrom 6 pm on 14 August until 8 am on 15 August, the sale of drinks in glass, plastic, cans and tetra bricks is prohibited throughout the municipal area, as well as consumption on the beach.

no bonfire

But that’s not all, because in addition to the ban on the sale of alcohol and the prohibition of the classic night out on the beach, many municipalities have also banned the lighting of traditional bonfires. This is the case in Palermo, where Mayor Lagala has banned stoves from August 13 to 16 in the aforementioned Favorita park and beaches, while the Mayor of Carini has issued an order ban woodCoal, charcoal and other materials used to light fires, with fines of up to 5,000 euros for those who violate the rules.

After years of bad experiences, the Gita banned the burning of fire and bonfires, as well as catanzaro Where the Mayor has prohibited the use of flame or electric tools for lighting fires, cutting metal, to smokeThrow matches, cigars or cigarettes, light fireworks or light lanterns in the Calabrian city’s green areas.





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