Bernstein's Bitcoin Spot ETF Comment: The Prospects Are Up

Bernstein’s Bitcoin Spot ETF Comment: The Prospects Are Up

A very important report has come from AB Bernstein on the Bitcoin Spot ETF, which manages over $700 billion in assets under its management worldwide.

“Demand for Bitcoin Spot ETFs Growing”

The valuation report, signed by Gautam Chugani, leader of the analyst team at AB Bernstein, includes the following statements:

“Increasing demand for bitcoin spot ETFs from leading global asset management firms and the emergence of some mechanisms to address the SEC’s objections to this product have increased the likelihood of approval. If approved, the brand marketing of major global companies as well as crypto ETFs will be of great interest.”

“New Capital Creates a New Crypto Cycle”

Stating that the adoption of ETFs will bring fresh capital to the sector, the company analyst said that this could start a new crypto cycle:

“On-chain assets are around $40 billion this year, while stablecoins in circulation are $120 billion. In this sense, ETF adoption could bring fresh capital into the industry and start a new crypto cycle. If approved, the ETF could make up 10 percent of bitcoin’s market capitalization.

As you may recall, crypto company Matrixport recently wrote that the SEC could approve multiple ETFs and this could start a new rally.

Bloomberg analysts Eric Balchunas and James Seifert published similar analysis.

It was published:

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