Bitcoin supporter wins candidate in primary election in Argentina

Bitcoin supporter wins candidate in primary election in Argentina

In Argentina, where inflation has been high for years and people are getting poorer, the country’s two largest parties were dealt a clear blow in the primary elections. In the primary elections held ahead of the general elections to be held in October, far-right leader Xavier Miley has emerged as the leader.

The conservative Together for Change party received less than 30% of the vote, the leftist Unity for Watan party received 29%, while Miley managed to garner more than 32 percent of the vote.

bitcoin pro, central bank anti

Miley, who is a moderate as well as the far-right and founded the Forward for Freedom coalition, is known for his support of bitcoin and the idea of ​​shutting down central banks. Miley, a self-proclaimed anarchist-capitalist, says the central bank is a fraudulent organization.

Stating that bitcoin is a movement against central bank fraud, the right-wing leader says that the Argentine peso is being used by politicians as a tool to get rich and steal people’s money.

General elections in Argentina will be held on October 22 and the final presidential candidates must receive at least 45 percent of the vote. If neither candidate reaches this rate of votes, the election will be held in a second round in November.

Photo: Reuters

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