Block Earner raises security standards in the crypto world

Block Earner raises security standards in the crypto world

Block Earner, a blockchain-based inclusive fintech platform, maximizes the secure transaction opportunity it undertakes with its users. Two important innovations introduced by the company in this direction prevent unauthorized access to user accounts. Furthermore, its new product “Crypto Vault” paves the way for higher standards in this area.

Biometric Authentication and Merkle Science Integration

In addition to 2FA measures during crypto withdrawals, Block Earner offers biometric verification, allowing its users to transact without worrying about the security of their assets. On the other hand, with the Merkle Science integration, it has become possible to detect fraud trends in new wallets. The integration detects unusual activity on the account, allowing transactions to be suspended in a short amount of time and assets to be protected.

Trend Micro Benefits for Block Earner Users

In addition to these security layers, Block Earner has an exclusive agreement for its users with Trend Micro, which develops products and software in the area of ​​cyber security. Accordingly, the User; They will be able to benefit from Trend Micro’s device security solutions against elements that threaten device security, such as ransomware, malware and spyware, at advantageous prices.

Connecting With Coinbase: Assets In The Crypto Vault Are Insured

Determined to advance the security and reliability standards in the crypto world, Block Earner will soon launch “Crypto Vault”, a crypto asset storage solution with cold wallet technology. The crypto vault, which will be accessible to everyone, will allow Block Earner users to securely store their crypto assets. By partnering with world-renowned crypto platform Coinbase, Block Earner will hold up to USD 320 million worth of assets under insurance. Crypto Users Ask “Are My Assets Safe?” This new service will reduce the security concerns to a great extent.

Emrah Karadere, Turkey Operations Manager of Block Earner, talked about the new security measures brought by the platform and the soon to be launched Crypto Safe product:

Imra Karadere

“We can say that the confidence breaking incidents in the sector in the past period have created a gap between investors and service provider platforms. At such times, I am happy to share our new features and collaborations that we have developed to provide our users with a platform where they can trade securely. To strengthen the transaction security of our users, we have implemented biometric verification step, we can ensure that crypto withdrawal transactions are done by real user with instant verification. Again, the Merkle Science integration for detecting and tracking suspicious wallet addresses is a very encouraging development; Processes such as blocking false and malicious transactions, suspending suspicious transactions, and operating a user verification process will enter our lives. Finally, in the last quarter of the year, we are launching a product that excites us about asset protection, the most important issue in the sector for investors; Crypto Vault. We will create a trusted crypto asset custody solution using cold wallet technology for all individual users. Furthermore, our users’ assets will be protected by an insurance cover of USD 320 million, our insured crypto asset custody solution will be one of the first in the industry.

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