Coca-Cola Launches NFT Collection on Coinbase's New Network

Coca-Cola Launches NFT Collection on Coinbase’s New Network

Coca-Cola, coinbase‘In Base in your network Work nft Launched his collection.

Coinbase, one of the two largest crypto exchanges in the world by transaction volume, has managed to attract attention with its layer-2 network base. Basein the early days Number of users more than 100 thousand attracted a lot of attention. Crypto investors aren’t the only ones turning to Base; Coca-Colaone on the base nft Started collection.

Coca-Cola Launches NFT Collection on Base Network

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Coinbase’s base network includes Coca-Cola’s NFT collection. Coca-Cola, Work nft Ethereum Layer-2 Network Basestarted in .

coca cola nft

collection, a Coca-Cola It is based on the art work done with the bottle. Part of the Onchain Summer initiative, it brings pioneering work to the NFT collection base. In the statement,Coca-Cola associates its Global Masterpiece campaign with iconic works from leading artists.” it was said.

This NFT collection in Base, Edvard Munchscream and johannes vermeerIt’s about the girl with the pearl earring. The collection is AI-powered by the company Work Advertisement driven. Eight versions of the NFT are offered for sale, with prices ranging from 0.0011 ETH to 0.014 ETH.





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