CyberConnect (Cyber) is listed on Binance on August 15th

CyberConnect (Cyber) is listed on Binance on August 15th

binance launchpoolcyberconnect (cyber), August 15 at 15:00 It is listed on Binance.

These days when cryptocurrencies are in uncertainty, investor interest has shifted to pre-sales. Investors who want to get into potential projects at an early stage use various channels such as Binance Launchpool and Coinlist Pre-Sale.

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Almost most of the top 50 projects by market value picked up momentum after the pre-sales phase.

As crypto investors chase new possibilities, Binance’s latest Launchpool, CyberConnect, is in the spotlight. Cyberconnect also attracted a lot of attention on Binance’s Launchpool after the successful Coinlist pre-sale. Additionally, the project’s token, Cyber, will be listed on Binance on August 15 at 15:00.

CyberConnect (CYBER) already has 1 million 250 thousand users

CyberConnect (CYBER), which attracted a lot of attention on the Binance Launchpool, logged into Binance on August 15th at 15:00.

CyberConnect reached a massive audience with its project structure. Within days, CyberConnect became the largest ERC4337-based smart contract account provider and market leader. Providing an experience to rival Web2, CyberConnect believes that mass adoption of Web3 will be possible with the emergence of social applications on Web3.

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Another highlight of the project’s structure is that Web3 is the largest decentralized social networking protocol. Cyberconnect has over 1 million 250 thousand user profiles according to on-chain data. In addition, CyberConnect hosts over 400,000 monthly active wallets and over 16 million transactions.

In addition to the innovative features of CyberConnect, the interest towards the cyber side does not go unnoticed. In CyberConnect’s Launchpool, investors who want to acquire a Cyber ​​stake come out with serious rates.

An average of 4.75 million BNB, 238 million TUSD and 65 million FDUSD were at stake in the CyberConnect launchpool. CyberConnect is also pre-sold on Coinlist, where larger projects such as Solana have emerged. In May, CYBER’s Coinlist public sale was completed in less than 30 minutes. Pre-sales raised $5.4 million, at a cost of $1.80 per cypher.

Cyberconnect, which attracted a lot of attention with its Coinlist pre-sale and Binance Launchpool, is backed by big investors like Multicoin and Animoca Brands. In addition, the project has major blockchain partnerships such as Linea, Polygon, Optimism, BNB Chain, and Arbitrum.

This interest from crypto investors is due to the features and innovative systems offered by the project. For example, CyberConnect’s leading social application Link3 has 940,000 monthly active users.

What makes CyberConnect different? What to Expect in Cyber?

CyberConnect (Cyber) stands out among Web3 projects with a focus on social applications. The issue of Web3 moving away from traditional systems to enhance user experience is on the agenda of many projects. However, CyberConnect stakes its claim on the subject with Link3 and various applications.

The total supply of CYBER will be 100 million. In the Coinlist public sale, 3 percent of the total supply was made available to investors. 25.12 per cent of the total supply was offered in the private sale phase. 15 percent of the supply is reserved for the project team and supporters. The most important detail for Cyber ​​was advanced planning in the distribution of supplies. Cyber’s supply won’t be sudden and embarrass investors. These distributions will be in a locked and regular unlocked manner. In this way, it will be ensured that the price of CYBER does not come under pressure.

CyberConnect, which also considers various factors such as marketing, ecosystem development and community empowerment, plans to distribute significant rewards. After the distribution of the awards for the first season, the process for the community awards for the second season began.

Considering the price and stability of the latest projects in the Binance Launchpool, CyberConnect has the potential to dominate in terms of popularity.

token distribution

total supply 100 million cyber which is cyberconnectToken distribution is as follows;

To the team and supporters: 15 percent of the total supply will be distributed. This distribution, which corresponds to 15 million cyphers, will be locked for 15 months. After this, distribution will be done every quarter for 3 years.

private sale: Private sales account for 25.12 per cent of the total supply. This distribution, which corresponds to 25.12 million cyphers, will be locked for 12 months. After this, there will be distribution every quarter for 3 years.

Community Treasury: This distribution is 10.88 percent of the total supply. Of the 10.88 million Cyber, 10 percent will initially be distributed unlocked. The remaining 90 percent will be disbursed monthly for 5 years.

Community Rewards: The community reward amount is 12 percent of the total supply. 20 percent of this distribution, which will be 12 million cypher, will be given as a reward to early participants. The remaining 80 percent will be reserved for future awards.

Coinlist Pre Sale: CoinList was allocated 3 percent for its public sale. 25 percent of this distribution, which is 3 million cyphers, will be opened initially. The remaining 75% will be presented with monthly distributions for 6 months to the investors.

Ecosystem Enhancement: Ecosystem development is important for any project. Recognizing this, CyberConnect has allocated 34 percent of its total supply to ecosystem development.

What is CyberConnect?

CyberConnect is a Web3 social infrastructure that enables developers to build social apps that enable users to own their digital identities, content, connections and interactions.

When we look at the current social network landscape; We see a limited number of centralized and profit-oriented web2 companies dominating the market, whose main focus is their own financial interests. This creates an ecosystem that unfairly monetizes user data and prevents developers from launching new and innovative social products.

To change this current situation, CyberConnect allows the emergence of applications where users can control their data, connections and profiles, thanks to the infrastructure it provides.

CyberConnect ile;

  • Users: They can easily connect to Web3. They can explore content, communities, and social events. They also own your digital identity, connections and interactions.
  • For content producers: The earning channel and distribution channel are under their control. Thus, the public grows in a fairer, more direct and decentralized environment. They can bring their audience together regardless of the platform.
  • Developers: They can develop products without focusing on infrastructure and “first start” issues.





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