dear flights, the algorithm works like this

dear flights, the algorithm works like this

And long way But the disputes arising out of the intervention of the government dear-flights which ordered to stop i increasing algorithm prices For domestic route to and from the islands during the period of peak demand else if the selling price of the ticket is del 200% Higher than average airfare.

Dear Flights, how does the algorithm work

but what are these algorithm And most importantly, how do they work? corriere della sera He was able to observe a European low cost company. According to the newspaper’s source via Solferino, it will be “the United Nations”. software which constantly changes prices according to bookings or, in more sophisticated versions, the existence or otherwise of a concert at the venue at that time or the arrival of inclement weather.

As reported by Corriere, the algorithm will not change Tariff Depending on the tool used to book: “It’s something we’re not interested in and we don’t even know how to do it”. In fact, “the only goal is to fill the plane and make as much money as possible from it. No we make an offer Different charges depending on whether one uses a device with an operating system or not Android or iOS, as we read in a report sent to the Italian government, there is no individual profiling” instead “we have parameters that ‘qualify’ the local population. For example, “Italians, on equal terms routeThe propensity to spend is lower than that of the Germans or the British and the algorithms have to take this into account or else we will be out of the market.

brussels under pressure

Meanwhile, on the measure The European Commission Other Italian airports are pressing the government with requests to “clarify” the strictness of fares to Sicily and Sardinia. not to mention pouncing Ryanair, Its chief executive, Eddie Wilson, has taken a stand, rescinding the order to leave. “ridiculous and illegal, Because “it interferes with the laws of the free market by EU standards: it is populist and Soviet-style”, therefore “must be repealed”. “Even Harry Potter Knows It”, she said jokingly.





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