Dear Life, The Bite Upon Returning From Vacation: The Toll It Takes On Families

Dear Life, The Bite Upon Returning From Vacation: The Toll It Takes On Families

returning from summer vacation Italians would find themselves facing autumn sting on average equal to +1,601 Euro per family, This is revealed by a study conducted by full user On those expenses that await families until the end of the year, starting next September. In particular, the association representing the interests of consumers has taken note of this. 5 Items of Expenses: Food, School, Mortgage, Gas and Catering, A situation that is far from the rosy scenario outlined by the CGIA research office, which calculated that by December 31, 2022, the average amount of debt per household in Italy had risen to 22,710 euros.

food and school

The first thing that will interest Italians returning from summer holidays is related toDiet, with refrigerators and pantries that will need to be stocked. food products as a whole today They cost 10.7% more compared to last year, a trend which, if confirmed in the next few months, will bring Expense For an increase in the food and drink of a typical family in the September–December period of Ben’s +205 Euro compared to the same period last year. The effect is balanced by the effect of shopping carts on controlled prices. they will reopen in september schoolsAnd this traditional bloodletting Expenses related to necessity at the beginning of the year (backpack, pencil case, pen, notebook, books, etc.). This year, stationery products are registered 9.2% average growth on an annual basis, owing to higher raw material prices and higher production costs.

travel and other expenses

more expensive go by carConsidering the average monthly prices of : fuel Price supplied by Mase in the period September-December 2022 gas was 1.679 euros per liter on average, while today a liter of green costs on average 1.938 euro per liter, If the price list at the pump remains at the current level, then supply chargesAssuming two wholes per month per household, the total in the last quarter would add up to 103 euro per nucleus Compared to what was spent in the same 4 months in 2022 mortgage: assuming that a rate adjustment of 0.25% In all the three ECB meetings, the monthly installments for the September-December period will be costlier by approx. +1.170 Euro Compared to 2022. Along with these items, other sectors are also raising their heads and risk increasing the spending of Italians: this is the case of insurance, in which policies on means of transport increased by +3.3% year-on-year in the last month. % has increased. , or bank fees rising 6.4% year-over-year.

Borrower families are on the rise

Saw debt stock According to a study by the CGIA of Mestre It is increasing to 595.1 billion The euro (+3.5% compared to 2021) due to inflation, an increase in the cost of mortgages and an increase in bills, which negatively affected most of last year. it is equal to one domestic credit Present and growing in Italy 22.710 Euro, The situation is grim, but still under control, according to the study, according to which it is possible that the increase in debt is partly attributed to the strong economic recovery expected in the two-year period 2021-2022. In fact, the most economically exposed provinces are also those with the highest income levels: Milan (€35,342), Monza-Brianza (€31,984) and Bolzano (€31,483) recorded the highest exposures, while Agrigento had the lowest. The incremental loan is (€). 10,302), Vibo Valentia (€9,993) and Ana (€9,631)





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