Ending Bitcoin's Dominance: Are Altcoins the Platform?

Ending Bitcoin’s Dominance: Are Altcoins the Platform?

Bitcoin, which fell 1.70 percent during the day (B T c) dominance paves the way for the rise of altcoins.

Starting a downward move from 50.54 percent B T c The dominance directly came down to the level of 49.67. The data of 1.70 percent fall in such a short span of time has become medicine for altcoins. The altcoin market, whose price has been rising for a long time solely on the influence of news, has revived with this relaxation in dominance. But can the spring mood continue in altcoins? What points are important on BTC dominance level?

Bitcoin dominates the analysis

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The dominance of BTC, which started to move away from 50.54 with rejection, signed a sharp decline to 49.67. Dominance, which is currently nearing the support level, may get an upside reaction at 49.60. If 49.60 is broken and 48.95 and 48.35 are tested, altcoins could see a bigger upside.

Touching 49.60 and going up will make this activity temporary in altcoins. Although BTC dominance, which has been over 50 percent for a long time, has breathed life into the altcoin market with its bearish move, the 50.05 – 50.55 and 51.67 levels should be taken care of. A possible trip to these levels could increase the selling pressure in altcoins and drag the price towards the support point.

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