Ernest Hemingway's Painful Thought: The Fusion of War and Love

Ernest Hemingway’s Painful Thought: The Fusion of War and Love

To step into the world of Ernest Hemingway is to embark on a harrowing, long and notably complicated journey. You will not always agree with the ideas expressed, but you will doubtless be surprised by the complexity of his ideas, the result of various well-connected and inseparable roots.

Journalism and literature merge in his way of writing, selection of subjects and approach towards them. son of his time and accumulated experiences, which marked and defined him, Hemingway saw the war as a truly creative experience. It’s also difficult to try to put yourself in their place, but by carefully considering the ideas expressed, without drowning yourself in the worry of completing another section and putting it back on the shelf, you’ll be able to understand that Why is he considered one of the most influential writers of the 20th century? Definitely One of the most admired, discussed and controversial,

a new way of writing

Between 1953 and 1954 they respectively received Pulitzer Prize Per the old Man and the Sea And this Nobel Prize for Literature, His unique style has drawn budding writers to lean on his shoulders and find their voice. Fascinating character because she is different, as told by her own unique experiences. Disdainful of danger, spontaneous and especially thoughtful at the same time. still pondering the emptiness that death bringsEverywhere visited, theater of war or not.

Here is the great topos that returns in his works. The characters he designs are strong and empowered, called upon by life to face situations in which grace is separated from war, For so long, violence has become the only answer that still makes some degree of sense. Going through the struggle, living through it, and letting go of part of it, but not all of it, allows you to reach the other side with a balanced spirit. The hero’s journey which in this case is not invention but delirium and global suffering.

war and love

war as an evolution of the human spirit, which is especially evident farewell to Arms I for whom the Bell Tolls, If the war influenced his writing, it was only because it first stormed his life, shook him, until it gave him a life quite different from what he had known.

He participated in the Battle of Caporetto as a member of the American Red Cross. He drove an ambulance and was wounded, starting a romance at the front with an American nurse. in the hero of farewell to ArmsFrederick Henry, is a lot in itself.

love finds its way and shines in the struggle, This happened when its protagonist was injured in Milan. Love overcomes him, and the face of nurse Catherine Barclay comes to the fore. Their relationship was very intense and passionate, which was also determined by place and time. War is a vehicle for contemplation of death, the death of other people and oneself. Experiencing relationships intensely, whatever their type, was a way of affirming their existence.

for the journalistic qualities of farewell to Arms More are added. We talk about Hemingway’s great ability to see beyond Make war a terrifying educational experience for an entire generation, It was unfortunate to be born at that time, but willing to do anything to survive. In the concept of war the author summarizes the pathos of an often fleeting but incredibly vibrant, intense and colorful life, in the black smoke of a complex and painful existential struggle, between violence and death but alternated by love.





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