Former SEC official Gary Gensler's resignation predicted!

Former SEC official Gary Gensler’s resignation predicted!

Former SEC official John Reed Stark said there were circumstances that would prompt Gary Gensler’s resignation.

According to former SEC official John Reed Stark, the US securities regulator (seconds) Big changes can happen on the basis of an important election to be held in 2024. The head of the SEC Internet Enforcement Office said that crypto regulatory activities could be quite different, including the possible resignation of SEC Chairman Gary Gensler.

John Reed Stark’s predictions startle

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In a tweet posted on August 13, John Reed Stark made several predictions, including the resignation of current SEC Chairman Gary Gensler. Stating that with the change of SEC chairman, there will be various differences in the crypto industry, Stark drew the attention of not only crypto investors, but globally.

According to Stark, if a Republican is elected president, Gensler would likely be replaced by Hester Pearce. Stark refers to Hester Pierce as the “Crypto Mother” after Pierce reiterated her opinion that many issues related to crypto can be revolutionized.





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