Hedera (HBAR) explodes from FedNow news!

Hedera (HBAR) explodes from FedNow news!

US Federal Reserve’s Instant Payment System fednau, Ivy Lata hashgraph by issuing a declaration regarding HBAR Flew.

Used as the payment system of the US Federal Reserve fednauannounced that it will use Hedera Hashgraph as its service provider. With this condition, Hedera (HBAR), saw an increase of about 20 percent in a short period of time. FedNow has increased interest in the ecosystem by announcing that it has added HBAR to its micropayment method, following USD and USDC.

Hedera Hashgraph HBAR

HBAR added to payment methods

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Drop micropayments platform built on Hedera Hashgraph has been officially selected as a service provider by FedNow. The move states that banks and other financial services companies looking for micropayment services can use Hedera’s Drop platform to make real-time payments through FedNow. It also brings together traditional finance companies with blockchain services.

FedNow, which has a significant position in the crypto industry, activated HBAR with the Hedera Hashgraph attack. HBAR, which was trading around $0.0558 before the news, moved straight to $0.0663. The HBAR, which saw a total increase of 18.77 per cent, started attracting attention from investors.

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