Life as an Act of Faith: The Recognized Miracles of Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Life as an Act of Faith: The Recognized Miracles of Mother Teresa of Calcutta

The Christian and Catholic worlds have never had any doubts about the validity of Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s request for canonization or recognition of her holiness. For the whole world, her title is her name, despite the fact that she was born Gonxa Agnes Bojaxihu, who came into the world in 1910 and died in 1997.

In 2016 the crowd applauded her anointing for a woman who knew how to give try to live the gospel to the fullest, A conscientious act, therefore, that leads us to outline two great events that have pushed the Vatican in this direction. His life, however, spent in a continuous mission of mercy and helping others, in itself was already enough for all the faithful around the world. So let’s remember two officially recognized miracles,

first miracle

The canonization process is usually a long one, and it was no different for Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The first major step in this direction took place in 2003 with his beatification.

Dedicated to helping and caring for “the poorest of the poor”, she left behind many happy stories and, according to documents, is a recognized miracle since 1988. This is the case of a woman from a village north of Calcutta. Monica basra, Falling ill and unable to bear the medical cost of the case, she asked to be taken to a center of the Missionaries of Charity.

On 5 September, the woman prayed with the nuns, claiming that she was particularly affected Ray of light emanating from the eyes of Mother Teresa of CalcuttaShown in a picture. In the afternoon he prayed again, placing a medallion of Mother Teresa of Calcutta on the raised arch, symbolizing his illness. The next morning he had completely disappeared.

second miracle

The second proven miracle, which led to the sainthood of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, was announced to the world by Pope Bergoglio in 2008, more than ten years after her birth. the hero is a man is now reduced to the end of life,

He had to deal with multiple brain abscesses, obstructive hydrocephalus, for a long time, from which he had no way of survival. At that time he was 35 years old and had already had a kidney transplant and was treated with immunosuppressants. A recently married engineer who has been battling this dreaded test since the beginning of 2008.

Treatment at the hospital had no effect, due to which his medical condition deteriorated drastically. On 9 December, in a state of coma, he was taken to the operating room to avert his imminent death. However, the operation was postponed due to technical problems. Returning to the operating room to collect the patient and bring him back to the room, the surgeon found him sitting, awake and completely symptom-free,

As a man of science, the doctor took a step back, admitting that he had never seen such a case in 17 years in the profession. In his statement he read: “all similar cases are over, I have no way of giving a medical-scientific explanation.

All that has come down to us is the testimony of those times, which tells how they were Countless Prayers to Mother Teresa of Calcutta, The young bride, seeing the severity, had asked her acquaintances to pray to the Blessed One to whom she was devoted: “Ask Mother Teresa to heal him”. During the surgery, which never took place, the woman was praying to the saint in the hospital chapel, accompanied by a priest and some family members.





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