Not just TV series for Netflix: revolutionary new offering

Not just TV series for Netflix: revolutionary new offering

The streaming of not only TV series and movies, but also with the aim of rapidly expanding its offering to attract more and more customers after years, is anything but positive. Netflix He never stops and has many ideas to guarantee himself as bright a future as possible, while on the other hand, the very high prices of the plans are reducing the number of customers, causing many people to run away from the platform.

But with more offers, more titles and news, will Netflix be able to reverse the trend? Such is the desire of the Californian company from Los Gatos, which in recent years has started a silent revolution that today, at least in the United States, is slowly emerging, leaving everyone speechless.

netflix and video games

Not everyone noticed, but apart from the movies and TV series You can also play on Netflix, Yes, because from 2022 till today, the American multinational company has gradually added more and more titles to the platform which can be played from mobile phones, tablets, PCs and TVs.

These are sometimes retro games, other titles and TV series interspersed with titles existing on the platform, a kind of package between games and serial content to try to get everyone excited. For example, people who are fond of Stranger Things may find a video game title on the series and be influenced by the game. But it’s also the other way around, as a user may stumble upon a game title by accident, become passionate about the plot of the video game and then, perhaps, deepen their knowledge in the TV series.

a very interesting double lane designed by Los Gatos which now opens up to a important news Which, at least for now, has arrived in the United States. And those who have had a chance to try it call it a revolutionary idea.

offer for gamers

let’s talk about netflix game controller, a new app in the iOS Stores for iPhone and iPad, has been launched in beta version in the US. What is it about? It’s a way for Netflix to revolutionize the platform’s content, with the aim of attracting even more customers to further expand its subscriber base.

Not only fans of TV series and movies, but also gamers, because together netflix game controller Your iPhone or iPad becomes a real joypad to be able to play comfortably on the couch.

The app, which some exclusive gaming sites have been able to try out, actually turns the devices into controllers that, once paired with a television and Netflix account, allow you to play and enjoy. An offer, of the platform, that may soon be developed into even more, with the stated aim of expanding the universe of highly acclaimed and highly successful productions, ensuring that the love for the series makes you want to play those as well. Might inspire someone who has never chosen a controller in his life. And vice versa, because as mentioned, the project seeks to inspire Netflix to become a kind of new producer in the field of gaming, but still with the soul of a platform for TV series and movies.

All, at least for now, at no extra charge. But it’s not excluded that, in the future, as the service develops and improves, there could be specific plans for gaming and TV-movie series, or even an interesting combo.