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PayPal Launches Cryptocurrency Hub Service!

Payment giant PayPal allows users to use bitcoin (B T c) to interact with the new service cryptocurrency Center made available.

A few days ago I bought Stablecoin PayPal USD (pUSD), the payments giant has announced its new service, Crypto Hub, for users to hold and interact with BTC. PayPal, which has made steady strides towards the crypto industry, made statements regarding the latest development.

A statement has come from PayPal regarding the recent developments.

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The company said it aims to expand its crypto services with activities in the Cryptocurrency Hub. The payments giant has attracted attention with a new development, saying it can make payments via PayPal with assets stored after crypto money trading. Emphasizing the importance of interactions between PYUSD and other assets, PayPal said;

“Any balance in your Cryptocurrency Hub represents your ownership over the amount of each crypto asset shown. You shall not hold Digital Crypto Assets in your Crypto Asset Balance. You can use your Cryptocurrency Hub only through your personal PayPal account as part of your Balance account. If you are a resident of Hawaii, we will not allow you to set up Crypto Hub at this time.”