Pro-Bitcoin presidential candidate leads in Argentina!

Pro-Bitcoin presidential candidate leads in Argentina!

In the presidential primary election in Argentina, bitcoin (B T c) Supporter Xavier Miley Received a majority vote.

As cryptocurrencies gain momentum, the mobility within countries is also a matter of curiosity. In particular, in the United States 2024 The trend of crypto is on the agenda before the presidential election.

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The atmosphere for the presidential election in Argentina is also hot. ArgentinaIf one of the presidential candidates BitcoinIt is known for its proximity

The climate is positive for bitcoin in Argentina

bitcoin (B T c) Supporter Xavier MileyWon a majority in the presidential primary election in Argentina.

Looking at Bloomberg data, the vote 90 percentaccording to the results of the counting 32 percent Miley’s lead. Mercy‘to do 30 percent with the Conservative Party Together For Change next.

Mercy, attempting to abolish Argentina’s central bank and defining itself as anarcho-capitalist. with a little more character MercyDenies the existence of global warming.

General presidential election in Argentina 22 OctoberIn these elections, any candidate must get 45 percent of the general vote. If the election goes to the second round then the last phase will be in November.

Mercyapproach to the traditional monetary system and BitcoinHis approach towards crypto makes himself one of the pro-crypto leaders. Although he received the majority of votes in the primary elections, Mercy The end of the tunnel has not come yet.