SBF Heads To New York's Worst Prison: Night 3 Is Over

SBF Heads To New York’s Worst Prison: Night 3 Is Over

Sam Bankman-Fried, who was cited as the main culprit behind FTX’s bankruptcy and whose trial judge overturned his decision despite being sent to house arrest on $250 million bail, has served time in one of New York’s worst prisons. completed its first weekend at No.

Where is the million dollar house?

While SBF was living with his family in a multimillion-dollar five-room house in one of California’s affluent neighborhoods, he is now lodged in a riot prison, the conditions of which have been severely criticized over the years. It is believed that SBF will stay here for at least two months. The SBF spent the weekend far from their warm home, staying at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, one of New York’s dangerous boroughs.

Jeffrey Epstein died right here!

Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of marketing to young girls for American celebrities and politicians for years and who was known to know the secrets of many political figures and businessmen, also died in the same prison. Although it was said that Epstein had hanged himself in the prison where the SBF was staying in 2019, the public never fully believed this story.

This prison, which was built to house 1500 people and not a thousand people, has been severely criticized by many politicians over the years.

SBF lawyers objected to the cancellation of the detention order and appealed to trial judge Lewis Kaplan to reinstate the order.

It is said that Judge Kaplan, who overturned the SBF detention, admitted that the prison conditions were “not as comfortable as a 5-star hotel” and expressed it as such.

The biggest reason for the removal of the SBF house arrest is the leaking of the private diary details of his ex-girlfriend, Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison, to the media. It was alleged that the SBF tried to influence the parties to the case by contacting the house through the Internet.

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