Superbonus, how to get it by the end of the year

Superbonus, how to get it by the end of the year

There is growing interest in the various options available to citizens interested in availing tax deductions for construction projects already in progress or planned, as per the conditions attached to the superbonus approach. Below are opportunities to consider as of December 31 this year.

Superbonus and Bonus Edelizi

Starting this year, the government has reduced the percentage of deduction of the “traditional” super bonus. Lentils 110 Al 90%, thereby limiting the group of people eligible to avail tax benefits and relief options available. From 1 January 2024, the benefit will further reduce to 70%, meaning that people who want to carry out energy efficiency improvement work on their property will have to cover part of the cost straight out of their wallet.

As far as the “minor” building bonus is concerned, that has also been extended for 2024, eg Bonus for removing Vastu related obstaclesIt is important to note that the facility by way of discounting and transfer of credit on invoices is applicable even in case of advance payment for work which has not yet been done, provided such work has been correctly completed .

Confirming what is contained in the text of Decree Law 104 published in the Official Gazette, it is important to underline that the superbonus also applies if the taxpayer opts for advance payment until December 31 for villas and independent housing units, which Happens till 30 September. 2022, at least 30% of the planned works have been completed.

Expenses that can be incurred by the end of the year

For expenses relating to interventions carried out up to 31 December 2023, even if the works are carried out later, a Extension to the benefit of 110% discount, However, if the requirements are met, it will be possible to obtain the normal tax bonus for expenses incurred in subsequent periods.

The 110% or 90% superbonus, depending on the specific circumstances, is also valid for interventions carried out on the condominium, provided payment is made by the end of the year and the work is completed later. This deduction covers expenses incurred for both the common parts of the building and the individual dwelling units, taking into account both driving and related work.

opt for Transfer of credit relating to superbonus It is suitable for the taxpayer when he is in the final stage of work or when the intervention has reached a degree of progress equal to at least 30%. In this context, it is important to take into account the status of works and ensure that they are at a sufficiently advanced stage to make the option of credit assignment viable.

When to present the status of progress of works in 2023

in case of using Work Progress Status (SAL) For transfers involving multiple years, it is important to note that only expenses actually paid in the same year of the SAL may be subject to credit assignment, while expenses related to other years must be included on the tax return.

A condominium that is able to submit the status of progress of works for the year 2023 may benefit from the superbonus if, by December 31, it declares the works already done and the works paid for. In this case, the advance payment option is not necessary for future interventions.

However, it is important to note that the Superbonus will also lapse if the exercise is completed by the date of sending the option communication set for March 16, 2024. This is because, with the advent of the new year, there may be a mis-alignment between the works in progress deed and the payments made, thus rendering the superbonus option invalid.






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