The eruption of Etna, chaos in Catania: all the useful information

The eruption of Etna, chaos in Catania: all the useful information

There’s Really No Rest For Catania And Its Fontanarossa Airport Which, after being closed for several days last July 16 due to extensive fire damage at Terminal A, found itself battling a new shutdown a month later. Unfortunately, nothing like this is predictable, but it is a natural phenomenon.eruption of etna In fact, this prompted SAC, the company that manages Etna Airport, to halt air traffic over Catania until 8 pm on Monday, 14 August 2023, causing many inconveniences for passengers who had flights scheduled for today.

Etna still haunts Catania

A real summer forgettable for Catania and its airport, stopped first by the flames, now by Etna. It must be emphasized that the blockade is nothing new, due to the eruption of the Sicilian volcano, but comes just a month after the heaviest air blockade for the city of Catania and for the whole of Sicily.

The closure of the Catania-Fontanarosa airport last July 16, and continued until August 5, and diverted many flights between Palermo, Trapani, Comiso, Reggio Calabria and Lemezia Terme, which in fact caused significant economic damage to the Sicilian municipality. resulting in a loss of 5%. of its tourism revenue. However, there is hope that the situation related to the eruption of Etna will be brought under control.

Firstly, a block was given on air traffic till 13 August on Monday 14 August following the announcement of the SAC. adjourned till 20Many flights were diverted to other airports or canceled altogether. All this because in the night between Sunday the 13th and Monday the 14th the eruption generated a volcanic cloud that spread in a southerly direction, leaving a plume of ash in the southern region of the volcano and beyond.

The ash plume has completely covered the runway at Catania airport, where means are struggling to collect it, so new emergency closures to Fontanarossa have been planned. Lava fountaining stopped starting at 4 a.m. and the overflow of lava is cooling, so conditions may soon stabilize to allow the Etna port to reopen.

Useful information for travelers

Ferragosto’s Holidays Ruined? Perhaps for some passengers who were supposed to board a plane from Catania today, to several seaside tourist destinations and beyond, it may only be a postponement of a few hours.

In fact, many flights have been canceled while others have had one flight canceled time rescheduling and even airport rescheduling, In fact, some flights have been diverted to Palermo, Trapani and Comiso, as well as the arrival of some aircraft that should have landed directly in the city of Etna.

According to SAC, it is advised to come to the airport only after consulting your airline. It is therefore necessary to contact the airlines for information on changed or canceled flights, or to check the status in real time on the website of Catania Airport, which is the same company that manages the airport. Provides updated information on status,

Be careful while traveling by car as well. In fact, road traffic also came to a standstill, or in any case slowed down, due to the ash on the road. In fact, the Mayor of Catania, Enrico Trentino, has issued an ordinance, which provides for a temporary ban on the circulation of two-wheeled vehicles (bicycles and motorcycles) for the next 48 hours and a maximum speed limit of 30 km. /H. Due to the presence of volcanic ash on many roads in the city, all roads in the municipal area have H.